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West approach to Louisville 1 As you approach the Sherman Minton bridge on the Indiana side, you will see this sign labeled Louisville 1 mile". You should begin getting over to the left hand lane. You have plenty of time to do so, either while on the bridge or once you are across the bridge.
West approach to Louisville 2 At the end of the bridge you will see a sign labeled "Louisville and Lexington". Stay in the one of the two left lanes.
West approach to Louisville 3 Continue in one of the left two lanes.
West approach to Louisville 4 Continue some more in the left two lanes where the signs will be labeled with "Louisville, Indianapolis or Nashville".
West approach to Louisville 5 The next sign beyond this one at the bridge will be your exit. Be in the left most lane.
West approach to Louisville 6 Just ahead where the signs have a yellow sign underneath, you will exit in the far left lane to "Nashville". As you go through this curve you will need to stay in the far right lane as you merge onto I-65 South.
West approach to Louisville 7 Very quickly you will see the next sign labeled "Jefferson Street, Downtown". Keep to the right.
West approach to Louisville 8 As you approach the "Jefferson Street, Downtown" exit, you will see a 10 story white office building just beyond the exit. Get off here and stay in the right lane.
West approach to Louisville 9 At the bottom of the exit ramp there is a fork in the road. Stay to the right of the fork heading onto Jefferson Street.
West approach to Louisville 9 Be extremely careful at the bottom of the ramp. Make sure that the traffic coming from your left stops for the light before you enter the intersection as there are many wrecks at this intersection. As you enter onto Jefferson street you should stay in the far left lane. You will see the Fairfield Inn and Suites where you will stay on the left side of the street at this point.
West approach to Louisville 9

If you are going to the hotel then you will see it directly on your left approximately 50-70 yards off of the ramp.

However if you are going over to Jewish Hospital stay on Jefferson street in the far left lane.

West approach to Louisville 12 You will make the first left turn, just beyond the Hampton Inn. This is your view turning onto First Street. Travel down First Street past Muhammad Ali Boulevard to Chestnut Street where you will want to turn left.
West approach to Louisville 13 This is your view at the corner of First Street and Chestnut Street. You will turn left from the far left lane. Stay in the far left lane of Chestnut Street as you will be making another left turn very quickly.
West approach to Louisville 11 At the next cross-street, Brook Street, you should once again turn left and get over to the far right lane. You will be turning right within about 70 yards, onto Abraham Flexner Way.
West approach to Louisville 12 Turn right onto Abraham Flexner Way, just before the grey columns you see in this picture.
West approach to Louisville 13 The building on your left is your final destination. The parking garage is just behind the building, so you need to turn left just in front of the building. Bring your parking ticket with you to be stamped for free parking. You will enter the building from the back side when you come out of the garage.

Lodging is available within two blocks of the hospital at The Fairfield Inn and Suites. The address is 100 E. Jefferson Street and the telephone number is (502) 569-3553. For those of you who have are coming for our reversal package and not living in the Kentucky counties of Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Spencer and Shelby or the Indiana counties of Floyd and Clark, you can have up to two nights at the Fairfield Inn and Suites without any charge. The Inn operates a shuttle between the hotel and the hospital for your convenience and is the way you should go over to the hospital on the morning of your procedure. A free breakfast is served each morning just in back of the lobby area. For those coming in from Louisville International Airport, the Inn operates a free shuttle. In order to use this service you must contact the Inn prior to your trip and give them your flight schedule so they know when to pick you up. If you fail to do this then you will be on your own getting to the Inn. For any other questions you have regarding the Inn, please contact them directly by phone at (502) 569-3553 or go to their web site at The Fairfield Inn & Suites.

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