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Volume 157: June 2016
The Father's Day Edition

The testimonial below is the 157th in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Angela and Wade Steelman of Swartz Creek, Michigan have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: angela.steelman75@gmail.com. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.

Angela and Wade, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: On July 3, 2002 Angela had a Pomeroy tubal ligation performed during her c-section. On May 15, 2014 Dr. Richard Levin performed a bilateral microsurgical tubal ligation reversal with final tube lengths of 8.0 cm on the right and 5.0 cm on the left. Her left tube (the part still attached to the uterus) was filled with black colored old blook and was very swollen. A portion of this was removed prior to repairing that tube to improve her chances of success.

Please enjoy Angela and Wade's story in Angela's own words . . .

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In July of 2002, I decided, after a rough pregnancy and my third child, that my family was complete and decided to have a tubal ligation. I had no intention of having any more children. After some life changes, a divorce and a new relationship, that eventually ended up in remarriage, I found myself regretting not being able to have anymore children. I missed those baby days and my husband didn't have any biological children of his own and truly wanted one. We looked into some options, IVF, being one of them. The idea was to save me from enduring surgery. But as we thought about it more and more, we wanted the stress free approach and that was to conceive naturally, as it's supposed to be. I started researching tubal ligation reversals around 2006. I found Dr Levin's web site. I read up on the abundance of information available on the site, but was leery of using a doctor I found on the internet, especially in a different state. I frequented the site, as well as a few others, but whenever I needed to brush up on the procedure or any information regarding it, I'd go to Dr. Levin's site. Each visit to my gynecologist, we spoke about my having a reversal and she explained that she worked with a few fertility doctors and she would refer me, locally, when it was time. I was undecided what I was going to do, go with my trusted doctor or go to Dr Levin, someone I knew nothing more of than what was provided on his web site. But I had lots of time to decide.

In 2014, we were finally ready to have the surgery, I had been following Dr Levin on Facebook, received emails on updates from success stories and frequented the web site, reading testimonials, and watching the site for years. I went to my gyno and she referred me to a local fertility clinic. I love my gyno, she is wonderful and I wanted to completely trust her referral so I called and made an appointment, then started researching the doctors I was referred to. The problem here was that to even come in and have a consultation, it would cost me $200.00. Well, we were prepared to spend the money, but I felt that if I was paying cash, my own money, to have a surgery, why do I have to pay you to meet with me? What if I decided I didn't like you? Why should I have to pay to find out I don't like you or that I am not a good candidate for surgery? Also, I browsed their web site, I found NO information. I googled their names, and found nothing. However, when I searched Dr. Levin there was an abundance of reviews on him. And, once I received the paper work from my doctors referral, I realized that these doctors were going to soak me for every penny they could and they had no credentials to be found, no reviews, no success stories, nothing. But, again, I really wanted to trust my doctors referral.So I was was stressing about where I wanted to go. My husband told me, who we went with was my decision because I had to be comfortable with the doctors. I went to a friend and we talked and I ultimately decided I'd go with my gut and decided on Dr Levin. Once my decision was made, I called and canceled my appointment with my gyno's referral and I felt great about my decision.

In April of 2014, I went to Dr Levin's site, pulled up the "fast track program" directions and got the ball rolling. I submitted the "online contact form" and was almost immediately, contacted back. I received directions via email and proceeded to follow them. I submitted op reports and pathology reports for Dr Levin to review and a phone consultation was set up for me, at no cost. On the day of the phone consultation I was told I was a good candidate for surgery and that we could go ahead with the rest of the process for my surgery. Once I had spoke to Dr Levin on the phone, his down to earth personality made me feel at ease and I was certain I had made the right choice and I didn't have to pay $200.00 to find that out.. We went ahead with submitting my husbands sperm sample to a local lab and within days found out the results from Dr Levin confirming we should continue.

Every single step to getting my information/labs to Dr Levin was so simple. The process is genius. It's amazing that he can be your doctor from so many miles away, so efficiently.

In May of 2014, I was scheduled for surgery. I had received my paper work with my surgery date and time, hotel address, confirmation number, ect. I arrived in Kentucky for my surgery. I live in Michigan, so we had about a 6 hour drive. When we arrived at the hotel, we checked in with no problems. We giggled that Dr Levin actually has a reserved parking spot at the hotel. We headed out for the night to enjoy Louisville for a bit then back in to get to sleep for my early morning surgery.

When I arrived at the hospital, which was very nice and only a couple of blocks from the hotel (I could see it from my hotel window). I followed the easy instructions on where to check in for surgery which was also a very easy process and before I knew it, I was in a room being prepped for surgery. Dr Levin came in to meet with me, again, great bedside manner, very easy to talk to, and down to earth. It had been thought that I had endometriosis, so I explained that to Dr. Levin and he said he would check it out while he was in my room prior to surgery. When I came out of surgery he had explained he found a hemotosalpinx in my tube, and that he had removed it, no extra charge, but because it would help ease my pain and increase the chances of pregnancy having no complications in the tube. So, not only was I fertile again, the problem that had been plaguing me for a couple of years was now removed. No more extra pain.

During recovery at my hotel, Dr Levin was again, friendly, down to earth and very easy to talk to when he came to check in with me before we departed the hotel to return home. I got some final instructions and some well wishes and I was headed home, back to Michigan.

I was instructed to wait 6 weeks before trying to conceive, but we found at 5 weeks, it was fertile week, according to an app I had been using on my phone to track my periods. And we decided to give it a whirl. During that week, we carefully attempted to conceive only three times.

After a couple of weeks, I found I was having some sharp pains. Unlike any cramps I was used to. I waited a couple of days, but I had a hunch but I was completely certain there was no way, I was pregnant after only 5 weeks post surgery. I reluctantly went and bought a test. As I hopped in the shower I performed the test, expecting nothing more than a negative, but to my surprise and complete disbelief, it was positive. The following days, I took 6 more tests because I could believe it. All of them came back positive. We were pregnant after only 5 weeks following surgery.

I contacted Dr Levin to let him know I had a positive test and I was sent to get weekly blood tests to monitor my hormone levels. I had a dip in hormones, still in normal range, but a dip none the less and was immediately put on progesterone and the monitoring continued through out my first trimester. Once I was out of the woods for a miscarriage, I was released to my OB/GYN.

On February 9th 2015, 9 months after my surgery (he was taken early due to gestational diabetes, he was due March 11th) I had a wonderful baby boy in my arms. I am in disbelief every day that within a year of surgery I already have my baby boy.

I am very happy I went with my gut and decided to go with Dr Levin. The entire experience was extremely easy. All of the correspondence between me and the office was quick and very helpful, not to mention friendly. The entire process was a breeze. I can't compliment the staff and Dr Levin enough for their genius use of the internet to get things done for a surgery out of state. And the absolute organization of their process.

Thank you for my son, Dr Levin and staff. He is wonderful in every way.

Angela and Wade Steelman
Swartz Creek, Michigan

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