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Volume 150: April 2015
The April Showers Edition

The testimonial below is the 150th in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Lisa Parker and Jeremy Lawson of Kenton, Ohio have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: parkerloraine77@aol.com. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.

Lisa and Jeremy, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: On 10/28/2002 Lisa had a repeat C-section and a Parkland tubal ligation with removal of 1.0 cm from one tube and 0.6 cm from the other tube. Eleven (11) years later on June 3,2013 Dr. Richard Levin performed a bilateral microsurgical tubal ligation reversal on Lisa with tubes measuring 5.0 cm on her right and 6.0 cm on her left.

Please enjoy Lisa and Jeremy's story in Lisa's own words . . .

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Lisa Parker's Tubal Reversal Baby 01

Lisa Parker's Tubal Reversal Baby 02

My name is Lisa Parker. I had a tubal legation in 2002 after my second daughter was born. At that time my girls dad and I had been together several years and we thought two were plenty. We split up when our youngest was 1.

I went through several failed relationships, but continued to raise my girls the best way I could. In the mean time I met a younger man who had just had a son of his own. His situation wasn't the best and I of course had to focus on two young children as well. So we kept it very casual the first year or so. He made his situation work the best he could, by getting his son as often as possible and I did the same. We introduced our kids after about 8 months of dating, but still continued to keep things casual until we really new where we stood in our relationship.

We decided to move in together after almost 3 years of dating. Unfortunately things were very complicated. And it took that long to decide to go to the next level. We were both young, and had children that we had to put first and for most. Our relationship always took the back seat, and still does because we have always put our children first!

He moved in with me, and we sold his home, then found a home together. In the mean time my house was for sale. We had discussed getting a tubal reversal for over a year at this point, but with two mortgages we were in no financial situation to spend that kind of money. It was talked about a lot, but like anything he and I want to do it's always just a thought, because there is always something else going on, or someone else that needed us. His mom was diagnosed with cancer, my sister ended up having a brain aneurism, and his sons mother married a gentlemen in the military which she then dropped the bomb on us that they would be moving out of state in the next couple of years. It just seemed like our lives were turned upside down. His mom going through chemo, me traveling to Florida to visit my sister (we live in Ohio) and in and out of the court room to try and keep his son in Ohio. We were mentally exhausted, financially strapped and beyond stressed. It seemed as tho we weren't going to catch any breaks. My sister passed March of that next year, and the court dismissed our plea to have residential custody of his son despite us having him75-80% of the time. They also raised our child support and made us pay back support for 18 months, the stress in our relationship was unbearable at times and we were on the verge of splitting.

We stayed busy with the kids. We made sure while his son was still in Ohio that he was active at least two seasons out of the year. It was always a battle with his mother, because she claimed she did not have the time or the money, so we did the travel and paid the fees. My girls are extremely busy, my youngest plays travel soccer all year, my oldest is on a competition cheer squad, and school cheer. They are both in indoor soccer, 4h, and take pigs as their projects. So we kept busy to say the least. We were never home and focused on what was in front of us, our children.

His mom got news that she was cancer free, and I started counseling to deal with my sisters passing. Things started to feel normal again. In the meantime I had sold my home right before my sister passed and thankfully made a profit. We decided to use that money for the tubal reversal. Our thought was if it happens it happens. We didn't want to put a lot of pressure on ourselves because of what we had already been through and what we were going through.

We spoke with Dr. Levin's staff , and got all the paper work together. He and his staff were amazing. They worked with me, and helped me get what I needed as it had been just over 10 years that I had my TL. We had a phone conversation with Dr. Levin about the procedure, and then made the final decision to go a head with the surgery. We were lucky enough to have the money up front and scheduled our Appt. Right away.

Our appt. Was June 3, 2013. We had to travel from Kenton, Ohio to Louisville, Ky. Which wasn't far. We checked in our hotel the Sunday before. It was very nice and clean. The staff at the hotel were very helpful. The next morning the hotel took us to the hospital for our procedure. Everything went very smooth and I was impressed with the staff and the maps hanging on the walls. I asked one of the nurses what they were. On each wall in the pre op room were two maps of the world. They each were full of stars. She asked me where I was from and I told her, she then placed a star over Kenton, Ohio. She went on to tell me these are all of the patients that have come to see Dr. Levin. The maps were completely full in United States and so many from around the world! I was impressed and at ease. After waking from my surgery, Dr. Levin said everything went well. I had 6cm on one side and 5cm on the other. We retuned to the hotel, Dr Levin checked on me the next morning and gave us the go a head to go home.

I healed well, and enjoyed my summer break with my kids! After 6 weeks we were able to try and conceive. This was July, and had already missed my Ovulation. No luck in August, but sure enough September, we had a positive. I called Dr.L right away and he sent me in for labs. My numbers were low, and he put me on progesterone. I wasn't fully aware of the importance of taking the progesterone every four hours. And unfortunately the pregnancy ended two weeks later. Dr. L called me directly. He informed me that this happens and unfortunately we are unsure why. The good news was my tubes were open. Even though I was devastated I was happy that my procedure worked and tried to focus on the positive. He told me to wait 3 cycles to try again, which I wasn't happy about, but he new best and that was what we did. We were able to try again in November and right before Christmas 2013, we got another positive. Again Dr. L called in my labs and again my progesterone was low. I didn't know what to do but pray, and that's what I did. Dr. L got my labs back on Christmas Eve and called me himself that day. He sent in my RX and told me to start taking it immediately. The pharmacy closed early that day, so I didn't even brush my hair. I was on a mission. This time I set the alarm on my phone and faithfully took the meds every 4 hours. This meant my alarm went off every night at 3 A.M. But we didn't care. This baby was going to stick!

Christmas came and went, and I was wanting to shout from the roof tops we were pregnant. But decided to wait at least 12 weeks. 12 weeks came and went and I was hiding my sickness as well as I could, and I was really sick. Still taking progesterone every 4 hours, we finally told our family. At 13 1/2 weeks we had a gender Ultrasound and found out we were having a girl. We had a reveal party and I can not explain how happy we were that day! I took the progesterone for 16 weeks as Dr. L had recommend. I also had a Zophran pump because of how sick I was, but I was pregnant with a healthy baby and none of that mattered. Dr. L turned me fully over to my OB at 17 weeks. I was off the Progesterone and my appetite was starting to return.

Life was good, we were happy. I was 30+ weeks pregnant, my daughter had just made All American Cheerleader. We were making plans for our trip to Disney over Thanksgiving, as she had the honor to march in the TG day parade. My youngest soccer team had just won 3 tournaments in a row! And we are getting the pigs ready to show at our local fair! Then we received a phone call that Caleb (my stepson) would be moving to Colorado before school started. We had a scheduled c-section for August 28th and his mother was taking him on the 25th. Again our lives were turned upside down. We had to move quickly to try and keep him here. He had been begging us to let him live with us. Even more so than usual. And we know this is where he belongs in our hearts. So we continue to fight. We had so many things going on and now this. Again we were denied our plea. And Caleb left August 25th.

August 28th 2014 Our lives were blessed with a perfect little girl! Remi Loraine stole our hearts the moment she was born. She took all the pain that we had endured over the last couple of years away. She was our saving grace. Her dad is just smitten, and her sisters are in love with their baby sister! We had so much going on, but at this moment in time life was perfect!

We brought our perfect baby girl home, and our lives continued. We got home on Monday and the girls showed pigs on Tuesday. We didn't miss a beat. Grandma helped so we didn't miss anything for the girls. We didn't want anyone to feel left out. They are all equal! Remi fit right in, and has been a perfect addition to our family!

Caleb finally met his baby sister 10 weeks later, and fell in love immediately. Unfortunately his mother did not allow him to go to Disney with us dispite our efforts. But Miss Remi loved all the bright colors, and our little family had a memorable vacation. Thankful for modern technology we get to Face time Caleb, and he gets to see his baby sister, and she will not grow up not knowing him. We have been back to court several times and even though Caleb has told his lawyer he would prefer to live with us, he remains with his mother. We will not give up, and we make the best of the distance between us!

We can not thank Dr. levin and his staff enough! With out them and God's graces we would not have our Remi. This child has truly saved us in so many ways. She has brought so much joy and happiness in our lives! We are blessed with 4 wonderful children and because of that life is good!

Lisa Parker and Jeremy Lawson
Kenton, Ohio

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