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Volume 138: October 2013
The Halloween Edition

The testimonial below is the 138th in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Peggy and Jeffrey Clifton of Cincinnati, Ohio have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: peggyclifton@hotmail.com. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.

Peggy and Jeffrey, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: On March 3, 2002 at the tender age of 21, Peggy had a Parkland tubal ligation on her left tube and a Pomeroy tubal ligation on the right tube. The doctor removed 2.3 cm from the right tube and removed two (2) different pieces from the left side. On February 19, 2009 Dr. Richard Levin performed a bilateral microsurgical tubal ligation reversal on Peggy with 3.5 cm on the right and 5.5 cm on the left.

Please enjoy Peggy and Jeffrey's story in Peggy's own words . . .

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Peggy Clifton's Tubal Reversal Baby 1
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My story starts much like many of the ladies seeking a tubal reversal. I got pregnant at 14 and had three kids by the time i was twenty two. I was in a bad relationship and i felt forced into having my tubes tied not only by my childrens father but also by the doctors i seen when i was pregnant. When my third child was born i agreed to have my tubes ties and i regreted it from the time they made the first cut. Two months after getting my tubes tied i was on my way out of the relationship.

I went thru another short relationship and then i met my husband and he had no kids. I began research on getting my tubes untied as soon as i got them tied. Me and my husband talked about getting a reversal done but had to put every thing on hold cause he was stabbed five times and nearly died. The doctors only gave him a 3% chance of surviving but God preformed a miracle and brought him back to us. That feuled a fire in me even more to give him a child that he so deserved and God wanted him to have. It wasnt until four years later that God set his plan in motion in our lives. I got my reports from my tubal and my husband got his sa done and Dr. Levin gave us the ok to continue forward with our tubal reversal. When our income tax came in we used all of it for the reversal.

My date was set for Febuary 19, 2009. Me and my husband made the short drive to KY and had our reversal done. We was the first one that day. Dr. Levin and the other staff at the hospital made me feel at ease about everything. Dr. Levin done the reversal and gave us good odds that day. Surgery went good but my right tube was fraile. I went back to my hotel room and Dr. Levin came to visit the next day and said wait six weeks to start trying. I went home waited six weeks and started trying.

I got pregnant the first try and delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl on 12/24/09 just ten months after my reversal. She was born C-section and at that time the doctor discovered only one tube was intact but the one intact was perfect and they couldn't tell i ever had that one tied and they raved about what a great job Dr. Levin had done, they was nothing short of amazed and called other doctors into the room to show them! I told them who done my reversal and one of the doctors had heard of him but didnt think a reversal was possible till he saw my perfect tube that day. I made a believer out of him that day.

Almost a year later i found out i was pregnant again. I called Dr. Levin and let him know and he set up some bloodwork for hormone levels like he did with my daughter and then i was able to go to my doctor. Sadly only a few short months later i went in for a ultrasound and baby had no heartbeat, i was gutted, devasted. I had a D&C done on January 15th 2011. I wanted to start trying again as soon as possible. A month later i lost a close family member and six months later lost my brother-in-law. A month later i lost my mother. Over the next ten months i contiued to try to concieve and still nothing. I took my temps did opks and finaly got desperate and contacted Dr. Levin for IUI to help concieve. I dont remember what month that was but im thinking maybe June or July? Anyway he gladly agreed to set that up for me for free even though i had already had tubal reversal baby number one and it had been over two years since my reversal. He called me and we talked about the IUI and he said to try relaxing and enjoy the blessings i had and not try so hard to concieve. I was suppose to go in for IUI when i got a positive opk but i decided to take his advise since i had been thru alot over the months of trying.

In September i had a realy weird cycle and thought i had better take a test so i tested on october 8 th and got a positive test. I was over the moon with joy. I got into my doctor rite away. I had my beta levels done and everything was looking good. I had my dating ultrasound done and there i saw my little bean perfect with a strong heartbeat, i was so relieved. The pregnancy went great with the exception of going into labor at 34 weeks and finding out i had gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. My labor was stopped and i spent three days in the hospital and went home being monitored three days a week at the doctors office. At 37 weeks on june 4th 2013 my little baby boy was delivered via repeat C-section happy and healthy. He was 6 pounds 14 ounces of pure perfection just like his big sister. During that c section the doctors commented on how perfect my tube was put together.

I'm forever greatful for Dr. Levin and the work he does. He gave our family obtainable dreams of having more children. He even went above and beyond the two year aftercare offered to help me. Thank you Dr. Levin for letting God work thru you to bring miracles to so many families. We will be trying for tr baby number three next year. Wish us luck.

From the Clifton family thank you for everything.
Cincinnati, Ohio

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