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Volume 137: September 2013
The Labor Day Edition

The testimonial below is the 137th in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Amber and Jason Banger of Hamilton, Michigan have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: amber.banger@gmail.com. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.

Amber and Jason, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: On February 27, 2004 Amber had a Pomeroy tubal ligation performed with removal of 2.0 cm from her right tube and 2.2 cm removed from the left tube. On August 8, 2011 Dr. Richard Levin performed a right Micro-surgical Tubal Ligation Reversal on Amber with a resulting tube of 5.5 cm in length. Her other tube could not be repaired because her GYN doctor had essentially cut off the whole outer fallopian tube. The tube that was repaired looked very good at the end of the case and Dr. Levin was confident that tube would do the job. And it did . . .

Please enjoy Amber and Jason's story in Amber's own words . . .

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My story is actually a little different from most of the stories on Dr. Levin's website. When I initially started searching on the internet, I was not searching for reversal doctors, but for the reasons my body had changed so much after I had my tubal in 2004. During my investigation, I found out about something called PTLS (post tubal ligation syndrome), which I had never heard about. This surprised me, considering the amount of people who claimed to be suffering from it. Most of the medical field doubts the authenticity of such a syndrome. After talking to my doctor and OBGYN, I found out they didnít acknowledge the syndrome either. I had many doubts about my own body after the tubal and decided I had PTLS. After trying many different things prescribed by my doctor and with no success, I found that many woman had claimed having a reversal had taken away their symptoms. I researched doctors who could do this and I happened upon Dr. Levin.

I was a little scared about getting the reversal and paying such a large sum of money and not having any relief from my symptoms and after talking it over with my husband, who was skeptical of there being any truth to PTLS, I begged him to let me try it. We talked about it and decided that if we were able to also have another baby, it would be a double blessing. We were not very hopeful of having any more children because of such a negative view the internet has on the chances of conceiving after a tubal.

After many months, my husband finally conceded because he was tired of my mood swings and symptoms from the tubal. We were finally able to get the money together in 2010 and made our appointment for August. Since Dr. Levin was only 5 hours away from us, we decided to take a mini vacation as well, so I booked two more days at the hotel prior to my surgery. We had a blast going all over Louisville. We went to 4 or 5 museums and even went zip lining in Mega Caverns. I was feeling nervous as my surgery day loomed upon us but decided to place it all into God's hands. Finally the day arrived and my husband and I checked into the hospital.

The first time we met/talked to Dr. Levin was right before my surgery but I did not let that affect me I just prayed for the surgery to go well and relief from my symptoms. The surgery went well, however Dr. Levin was only able to repair one of my tubes because my OBGYN had actually cut my tube right next to the ovary, so there was no tube for him to connect. Dr. Levin told my husband the surgery went well and we were discharged to the hotel. We went back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the day. The next morning Dr. Levin came around to my room and was very positive about the surgery, he gave us a 70% chance of conceiving again. He warned us that it was a toss of the coin which ovary would be ovulating every month and that it might take us a long while to conceive. Because of the fact he was only able to repair one tube, we were told to wait 6 weeks before resuming normal sexual activity. We went home, waited 6 weeks, and decided not to worry. If we conceived, it would be amazing.

The very first month after surgery I could not believe it my symptoms were a lot better. My migraines I had every month before my period did not come at all and my moods were a lot better. Every month the symptoms became increasingly a thing of the past. After just 9 months without trying at all, we received the amazing news! We were pregnant! I made an appointment with my OBGYN right away but they will not see you until 7 or 8 weeks along. At this time I was only like 4 weeks. I emailed Dr. Levin and he immediately put in a request for some blood work to be done. I went in to get the blood work and the person who did it put the order in completely wrong. When Dr. Levin seen the test, he asked me to go back in because he was concerned that the complete test was not ran. The following week I went in again on a Friday to get my blood test. At like 6:45 on a Saturday mind you I got an email from Dr. Levin saying I needed to call him immediately. I called him and he answered right away and said I needed to immediately get some medicine to help prevent miscarriage. He followed up with me every week for the next few weeks to tell me my tests looked great and released me to my doctor at 12 weeks.

Logan James Eugene arrived on 1/28/2013 by inducement due to some protein in my urine. My husband and I canít say how blessed we are with our new bundle of joy, and my 9 and 10 year old love him to pieces.

I want to say thank you to Dr. Levin for using the incredible skills that God has blessed him with to make our dreams come true.

Amber and Jason Banger
Hamilton, Michigan

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