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Volume 118ed1: February 2012
Extra Edition

The testimonial below is an Extra Edition in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Barbara and Jeremy Mullenberg of Lafayette, Indiana have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: davidsba@purdue.edu. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.

Barbara and Jeremy, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: On February 18, 1998 Barbara had a repeat Cesarean section and a bilateral partial salpingestomy performed with removal of 1.1 cm from one tube and 0.8 cm from the other tube. On 12/20/2010 Dr. Richard Levin performed a bilateral microsurgical tubal ligation reversal on Barbara with with tube lengths of 7.5 cm on each side.

Please enjoy Barbara and Jeremy 's story in Barbara's own words . . .

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My story is not unlike others you will read. I have two beautiful childrenfrom a previous marriage and after the birth of my second son it was mutually decided to have my tubes tied. Many years...and life changes later....I was divorced and remarried. My husband did not have biological children of his own and was completely accepting of the fact I could not have more children. He was also an exceptional father figure to my two sons.

After 8 years together...we decided to research the possibility of having my tubal reversed. It is no accident we found Dr. Levin and his staff. Three months after finding Dr. Levin...we traveled to Louisville, KY from Indiana for the procedure. EVERYTHING you read on the website is absolutely what will take place.

It was a smooth process and positive experience. In late December 2010 my tubal was reversed. Dr. Levine was able to put my tubes back together with considerable length..but did share things looked a little rough inside. Always being positive Dr. Levin said "But, things can still work".

On Father's Day 2011 (June 2011)...we got our positive pregnancy test. What better day for my husband to find out...he would be a father!! Although the pregnancy was off to a bit of shaky start, with low numbers on my blood work, Dr. Levin walked us through the first 12 weeks with medication and support via email to ensure the safety of our baby.

On January 30, 2012 my husband and I welcomed the birth of our son, Liam Ryker. You can imagine, words cannot possibly describe how we all feel.

Dr. Levin, please accept our most heart felt "thank you" for the blessing you have helped us receive. For those who are considering the same procedure...please believe in Dr. Levin. Do exactly as he says...and he will give you every opportunity for success. Many prayers and baby dust to all taking this journey.

Jeremy and Barb Mullenberg
Lafayette, Indiana