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Volume 111: July 2011
The Independence Day Edition

The testimonial below is the 111th in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Nichole and Christopher Starling of Marion, Ohio have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: raptorhole@msn.com. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.

Nichole and Chris, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: On 6/28/1999, Nichole had a Pomeroy tubal ligation performed with removal of 1.2 cm from one tube and 1.4 cm removed from the other. Dr. Richard Levin performed a bilateral microsurgical tubal ligation reversal on Nichole on 3/23/2009 with tube lengths of 6.0 on the right and 6.5 cm on the left.

Please enjoy Nichole and Christopher's story in Christopher's own words . . .

Nichole Starting - tubal reversal baby 1
Nichole Starting - tubal reversal baby 1
Nichole Starting - tubal reversal baby 1

It has been a while since we have spoken but I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude to you for helping me and my wife. I have read several baby stories and must say that I have enjoyed each and every one of them. Many of the stories are similar to my situation but the perspective always seems to be from the woman's point of view, perhaps I missed the writings from all those dads who life's you have touched so deeply, so here goes......

I have always been a person that knew what I wanted out of life, a wife, a home of my own, a Harley and my hotrod, not to much to ask for I think. I have had the same desires since I was 12, I suppose it is not uncommon for a young man to leave children out of their plans. My mother had always asked me about having children but I never really gave her much of a reply, because they were not part of my plan. I know she was sad by my response but she was already fortunate to have three grandchildren, two adopted and one biological. My sister and her husband had trouble conceiving and like many couples turned to adoption and then conceived a child.

My wife and I have been together for 9 years, she has 2 beautiful children from her first marriage that I love dearly. I could not imagine my life without them and hopefully they feel the same about me. As time has went by my wife starting making comments about me being a good step dad and how sad she was that we could not have children. I always told her that I was very content with my life and very happy with our family, I would say, "I have wanted the same things since I was 12 a wife, a home of my own, a Harley and my hotrod". After we married in 2005 the talks of adding another member to our family grew a little more serious and after some heartfelt conversations we decided to do in vitro fertilization. The doctor we saw was an hour and a half away, seems like all we ever did was drive back and forth. He explained that my wife was still young and because she had already had children he felt that we should have not problem conceiving. After quite a bit of money and an uncomfortable experience providing the "samples", we were ready to have the embryos placed. My wife was 100% sure that we were well on our way to having a new baby after the embryos were injected. About two weeks into the process my wife became very sick, she had developed a large cist on her ovary that erupted and caused us to loose any chance that we had of having a child with the first set of embryos. Of course we were both devastated, as well as our children (they have been asking for a new brother or sister for Christmas for about 2 years) and our family. We did not talk about it for a while, no one wanted to upset my wife. After a few months had went by we begin talking about doing in vitro again. We remained positive and every time we were asked by our family we would explain that as soon as we could afford it again we would get started. After a few months had went by my baby sister called my wife and told that she had heard about this great doctor who did tubal reversals. She is quite the motivated researcher when it comes to things she is passionate about. She provided us the website and after speaking with Linda she was 100% sure that she wanted to attempt a tubal reversal.

Our experience with Dr.Levin and his staff was nothing short of amazing. They were very accommodating and comforting throughout the process and I never felt like my wife was just another patient, I felt like we had known them forever. Having worked in customer service for 20 years, I know how to treat people and I am damn good at it, Dr.Levin and his staff gave me a seminar on customer service and how to really provide outstanding customer service. He and his staff took the time to explain the processes involved, helping to relieve the anxiety that I was feeling about my wife going into surgery. I impatiently waited for the completion of the reversal, trying desperately to read, search the net, play games whatever I could think of to try to take my mind off of things. Nothing really worked, every time someone walked out of those doors I looked up nervously waiting for Dr. Levin to come out and let me know how everything went. It seemed like an eternity to me but Dr. Levin finally came and again he sat down with me and explained what had happened, he gave me measurements, care instructions and a handshake, he explained that he would be by the hotel the next day with his nurse to check my wife's incision and make sure that she was healing properly. All went well so we were released go home and do our part of the process in making a baby.

We almost waited as long as we were supposed to to try to conceive, boy is my wife persistent. Every month we would get our hopes up, counting days to try to determine the most fertile days to give ourselves the best chance. After about 9 months, we kind of stop being so anxious and after a year we thought we would have to go back to Dr. Levin for another round of in vitro, which was becoming a very serious reality for us. My wife is very stubborn when she gets her mind set on a task so this was very disappointing to her because she felt as if she had let me down. I always tried to make her understand that I was very happy with our family but something in her just kept pushing for a baby.

Every Wednesday we have family night with my immediate family and just like every other Wednesday I was having a conversation with my brother in law Scott as our children run around the house screaming and laughing. Scott and I were discussing cars when I received a text from my wife, which was odd since she was in the same room with us. It was an EPT and it said "pregnant". I excused myself from the room, went to the bathroom, wiped the tears from my eyes and composed myself. My wife and I had agreed earlier that if we were to get pregnant we would keep it a secret until we felt everything was going well and we were not at jeopardy of having a miscarriage because she had one before. We waited patiently from April until June and signed my fathers birthday from "yet to be named baby Starling", my whole family was ecstatic.

On Jan 27th of 2011 my baby boy Christopher Starling was born, he was 6 pounds 7 ounces ad 20 inches long, he is so beautiful, it is hard for me to think that he was never part of my life plan. I am so grateful to my wife, my mother and my baby sister who kept pushing me to make this happen and I am so grateful to Dr. Levin and his staff who have the talent to perform such an amazing task. So I can say that my life plan is complete, I have my wife, a home of my own, a Harley, my hotrod and my baby boy. Of all the stories that I tell, whether they are humorous or serious, I love telling this one the most, it is "my baby story".

I can not begin to express my gratitude for the gift that you have given me.
Chris Starling