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Volume 108: April 2011
The Passover Edition

The testimonial below is the 108th in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Christi and Richard Hoerster of Midland, Texas have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: choerster@earthlink.net. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.
Christi and Ric, thanks for sharing your story with us!
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Case Facts: Christi wrote her testimonial back in 2001 at ../testimonials/testimonial006.htm. She is the first person to have two testimonials posted. Her new story is just so heart-warming and compelling that we have posted her new story.
Please enjoy Christi and Ric's story in Christi's own words . . .
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Once you are EVER a patient of Dr. Levin's, you are a patient for LIFE - seriously!
My "original" testimonial can be found on Dr. Levin's website from way, way back. It was Testimonial Volume #6 from August 2001. My name was Christi Harris then.
A lot has happened since that time. My 16-year marriage ended in 2005-2006. Shortly after filing for divorce, I was reacquainted with my high school / college sweetheart, Ric Hoerster. To my amazement, he had never gotten married or had children. I would never have imagined that he would have been willing to love me again and even love the 6 children I had, who were at the time 15, 13, 11, 8, 5 and 3 - the 5 and 3 year olds were my "reversal babies."
In November of 2006, Ric and I were married in Jerusalem, Israel. We had spent countless hours before our wedding, talking and dreaming about having a child together and building our family. You see, 18 years before that, we had gotten pregnant in college and I had aborted our child. After so many years of grieving this decision, we were SO certain that now that we were faced with a second chance, we would be able to conceive a child quickly and pick up our lives where we had left off.
A few months passed - no baby was coming. I started to get concerned, because of my advancing age (38). I contacted Dr. Levin to see if he would remember me and offer some assistance to us. I was SO delighted to learn that he DID remember me, and have since become convinced that Dr. Levin NEVER forgets a patient of his, no matter HOW many years later it is.
For several months, Dr. Levin assisted us by having us chart my monthly cycles using a computer program called CycleWatch. Using the information from the program, he was able to reassure us that everything looked normal and offered some advice for maximizing our chances of conceiving.
Another year passed - by this time, it was the beginning of 2008, and we had to move in order for me to help take care of my great-grandmother in a nearby city. The year and a half I spent doing this was one of the most stressful times of my life. I contacted Dr. Levin AGAIN and he offered his assistance to us in the most compassionate way possible. I was very emotional and probably not always easy to deal with (and I also wasn't very consistent with keeping track using CycleWatch), but Dr. Levin always treated us with the utmost in patience, respect and kindness. In April of 2008, I had a positive pregnancy test, but the joy quickly disappeared and changed to heartache as the VERY NEXT DAY I experienced heavy bleeding followed by a negative pregnancy test - a loss - a "chemical pregnancy" as I have seen it referred to in other places.
I watched helplessly as my 39th, 40th and 41st birthdays passed with no hope of our dream coming true.
In May of 2009, we decided to see a local fertility specialist, who gave us both some basic lab tests and gave me an examination. Her advice was that I needed an HSG - a procedure to determine whether or not my tubes were open. I had the procedure and her diagnosis was that both of my tubes were blocked. Her recommended treatment was to schedule laproscopic surgery. I scheduled the surgery, and while I was waiting for the big day to arrive, I contacted Dr. Levin to tell him what I had planned.
To my surprise , Dr. Levin called me at home and advised me to forward my lab records and x-rays from the HSG to his office immediately. I did so immediately, and he called me again promptly after evaluating them. When I asked his honest opinion about what I should do, he advised me to cancel the laproscopic surgery and instead, to come back to his office in Louisville so that he could perform an HSG himself. BECAUSE OF THE TRUST I HAD IN DR. LEVIN'S ABILITIES AND KNOWLEDGE, I did just as he recommended. I called my local reproductive endrocrinologist and canceled the scheduled procedure.
I soon boarded an airplane from Texas to Louisville, and upon seeing Dr. Levin again (after my tubal reversal 10 years prior to that), it was like seeing a familiar member of my family. He gave me a lot of calm reassurance after I felt like I had been through a lot of emotional pain. When HE performed the HSG, his diagnosis showed two open tubes. He repeated his warning about the laproscopic surgery the local specialist had wanted to perform. I believed him and went back home and never made another appointment with the local specialist.
Dr. Levin remained in contact with me and assisted us until the next April - on April 7th of 2010, I was ecstatic to finally see a positive pregnancy test - but I was a nervous WRECK. I emailed him immediately after taking the pregnancy test and he responded immediately, arranged to have my hCG levels monitored and ordered medication for me to help ensure I didn't lose this one. He continued to monitor my pregnancy at my request, until week 13, when I stopped taking the medication. In fact, at my first OB visit (at 5 weeks along), my high-risk obstetrician recommended exactly the same medication for me that Dr. Levin had already prescribed - except that, perhaps if I had waited until I had that appointment to start the medication, perhaps it would've already been too late. I really give a lot of credit to Dr. Levin's immediate assistance to helping maintain my pregnancy, and I am SO grateful to him for the time he spent helping me. I am also grateful that he helped me avoid unnecessary and potentially damaging laproscopic surgery on the tubes he had painstakingly and microscopically repaired himself.
I am happy, thrilled, delighted beyond all description to announce the arrival of Miss Emily Or'El Hoerster (a completely perfect and healthy baby) at 12:56 a.m. on December 8, 2010 - born to her "advanced maternal age" mother who was 42 at the time of her birth. Dr. Levin never once referred to me as "advanced maternal age" and not only provided expert medical assistance, but he and Jessica also ministered to my SOUL. There were so many times when I was in the deep, dark place when I thought I might never conceive again and Ric might never know the joy of his own flesh-and-blood child after being such an excellent father to the 6 children I came into the marriage with. Dr. Levin and Jessica always managed to give me enough encouragement and expertise to make me feel like it could still happen - and it DID, with God's help.
At the time of Emily's birth, my oldest child was 20 years old - and my previous "reversal babies" were 10 and about-to-turn-8. Ric and I had been "trying" to have a baby for 4 years.
With Dr. Levin's care, MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN and once you're EVER a patient of Dr. Levin's, you're definitely a patient for LIFE.
Thank you!
Most Sincerely Yours,
Christi Hoerster
Midland, Texas