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Volume 102ed1: October 2010
Extra Edition 1

Extra Edition in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Susan and Mike Emmanuil of Roseburg Oregon have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on ďGet Started . . . have a baby!Ē.
Susan and Mike thanks for sharing your story with us!
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On 10/21/1992, Susan had a Falope ring sterilization performed. On 4/16/2007, Dr. Richard Levin performed a bilateral microsurgical tubal ligation reversal on Susan with tube lengths of 7.0 cm on the right and 6.5 cm on the left..
Please enjoy Susan and Mike's story in Susan's own words . . .
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My husband and I were married on May 22, 2004, after a two year courtship. During the time we were engaged we talked about how nice it would be to add to our family. I had 4 children from a previous marriage that were all teenagers. My husband on the other hand, had never had the opportunity to have a child and actually had given up on the idea all together. He is a natural at parenting and it was very apparent to me right away due to how well he handled 4 teenagers.
We both didnít know where to start looking for a tubal reversal doctor. We live in Oregon and the prices here in our state were so expensive that the dream seemed just that a dream that we wouldnít ever be able to afford. We started looking online at other states to see if the prices were comparable. Thatís when we came across Dr. Levinís website. Right away I felt like something was telling us this was the place we needed to be looking at. After joining one of Dr. Levinís support groups on Yahoo and talking with several of the ladies, we decided this was defiantly the Doctor we wanted to do the surgery if we were ever going to have the chance to do it. With a house full of teenagers, money wasnít something easy to save. After we were married we got pretty serious about the possibility. We bought a house and settled in. After a couple of years we decided to refinance our home and use some of the equity to start our journey.
In early 2007 we called Dr. Levinís office and told them we were ready to send our money. We did and a couple of days later we secured our date for our reversal surgery. April 16th 2007 was the date. We had a couple of months to prepare for the trip. We were so excited and nervous at the same time. We were actually going to start down a road we werenít sure where it would lead us. Maybe nowhere, maybe a new baby, maybe heartbreak. But we were prepared for whatever God had in store for us. We figured that if it wasnít in his plan we wouldnít have made it this far.
April arrived and we flew from Oregon to Kentucky. It was very surreal to be there and to actually be going through with what we had researched for 2 + years. The staff and Dr. Levin were so kind and personal. We both felt like we hadnít even left our hometown. They gave us a level of comfort we didnít really expect being so far away from home. The accommodations being right next to the hospital was so conveienent and there was no confusion what so ever. From the moment we landed at the airport it was smooth sailing. Dr. Levin had a shuttle service available that took us right to our hotel. Then the next morning we were taken to the hospital. There was no worries about where to go or how to get there. It was so comforting not worrying how everything was going to work, it was already all planed out and all we had to do was show up.
After our surgery we were given the good news of the lengths of my tubes. 7.0 and 6.5. Dr. Levin came to see us the morning before we left and let us know everything went really well and that we had about an 80% chance of becoming pregnant. We were ecstatic! We came home and spent several weeks healing and adjusting to the fact that we were going to try and have a baby. We wanted to be realalistic but it was hard not to expect to achieve pregnancy right away once we were able to try and conceive. We didnít do anything special like chart temperatures or count days to try and conceive. We figured that if it was going to happen it would and if it didnít then we would deal with that later.
In September of 2007 after months of failed pregnancy tests we got a positive one. We were pregnant . We were shocked and excited. I made an appointment to see my OBGYN and got my first set of blood work. It was confirmed I was definitely pregnant. 2 days later I went back to do another set of blood work to make sure that my pregnancy hormone levels were rising like they were suppose to. To our dismay they were not. We were crushed. The doctor told us it was probably not a viable pregnancy and that I would most likely miscarry. After 2 weeks of blood tests every other day that were less then desirable it happened. I miscarried. Our hearts were broken and I felt like I wanted to stop trying to chase something that was so painful to obtain. During the next couple of months we really questioned whether we wanted to continue trying to conceive. We didnítí feel that we were up to another disappointment.
At the beginning of 2008 we had pretty much stopped thinking of becoming pregnant. We werenít preventing it but we really didnít make it a focus at all. I had pretty much convinced myself I didnít want to become pregnant and it was ok I had 4 beautiful healthy children already, so if I didnít have the chance to have a child I was ok with that. In late May of 2008 I had to go in to have my annual womanís exam. My practitioner asked if there was a possibility of me being pregnant. I told her that it wasnít likely but I was expecting to start my period any day.
She decided before performing the exam she would go ahead and have me take a pregnancy test just to be sure. I went ahead and took it. A few minutes later I could hear my practitioner from outside my room exclaim, ďThere are 2 linesĒ I couldnít believe what I was hearing. She had to be wrong I thought. She came in and told me the news I was 2 seconds pregnant as she put it. I was scared. Another miscarriage loomed over me. I couldnít help but think about our sadness from a few months prior. My doctor sent me home and told me to put my feet up. So I did exactly that. Throughout the next several months we experienced several trips to the doctors thinking that we were suffering another miscarriage. I had to take progesterone throughout the pregnancy to ensure it would ďstick.Ē Every time we rushed into the doctorís office thinking the worst was happening, they would do an ultrasound and there was our baby safe and sound. Everything looked great. We continued this routine for the first 17 weeks of the pregnancy. I was on bed rest for almost 3 months. It was hard to be excited when it felt like our precious baby could leave us at any moment. After 17 weeks everything settled down. I didnít have anymore bleeding and I continued with a normal pregnancy.
On February 6th 2009 at 3:09 am, our beautiful precious daughter was born. Krystalia, 6 lbs 7 oz. I perfect baby girl. I was relieved and thankful, our journey was turning down a different road. Our dream turned to a reality. Our family was blessed with another sister and daughter. My other children now 21, 19, and twins that are 16 are so excited to have a sister again. They love her so much, as do we. Itís amazing how much they love her and watching them bond is wonderful. Here she is. All our prayers, had brought us here.
If it hadnít been for Dr. Levinís office we wouldnít be staring at our daughter. We are so thankful for the support Dr. Levin and his staffed showed during our pregnancy as well. Any questions or concerns we had they answered right away. They put several fears to rest. We can never thank Dr. Levin or his staff enough for the miracle they helped bring us. We are forever grateful for the care we received and would and have recommended Dr. Levin to anyone who is thinking about having a tubal reversal.
Dr. Levin has a tremendous success rate and we are now one of the successes. We are blessed to be among the ones that have been touched by a miracle. Thank-you Dr. Levin and staff, this never would have happened without you.
Mike, Susan, Raul Jr., Sierra, Cody, Serek and Krystalia Emmanuil