Tubal Ligation Reversal Testimonial Baby Club
from Richard M. Levin, M.D., PSC at 1-502-584-7787
Volume 92: December 2009
The Christmas Edition

The testimonials below are some short testimonials from a number of different patients from around the the World who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Testimonials that would not fill a normal page are grouped here together and I think you will find these remarks exciting and compelling.
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tubal reversal baby - brenda rosado Brenda and Eddie Rosado of Bridgeport, Connecticut at brenrosado@aol.com:
Doctor Levin: I want to thank you so much for making our dream come true, you know in 2004 we tried to start the process to see if we can become pregnant and instead the Doctor had told my husband that I would never become pregnant and instead told me that I needed a LEEP procedure. I became afraid and did not do anything! Then in 2007, I decided to go to a fertility doctor and tried infertility as the doctors in Connecticut gear you into this because they do not believe that reversals are so successful. So after changing my doctor and him also gearing me to in-vitro, I had that procedure done too but with no success. I became overweight with the hormones and depressed, from that point. I searched the web and I had requested information from the other sites but I felt so confident with your site, with your sessions as you spoke to the ladies who were scheduled to have surgery done. I told you when I saw you, that after hearing you speak on those sessions so much I felt as if you were a celebrity which I was so happy to meet along with your Nurse Venica. Again I thank you very much and your staff at the hospital because they too were great and very sweet! Attached is a picture of Eddie Jr. (E.J.) and how crazy that he was almost born a year from the date of the surgery which was 6/30/2008. I do not know how much more to thank you, but I send you from above a blessing for you your family and staff. Me, My Husband and Family thank you all.
Here is a picture of Eddie Rosado, Jr (E.J.) he was born on 6/26/2009 at 9:17 p.m., I went to the hospital at 5:30 p.m. when my water broke, I had an emergency c-section but thank GOD we are all fine.
tubal reversal baby - jennifer daniels Jennifer Daniels and Bryan Pender of Chisholm, Minnisoto at jendaniels23@yahoo.com
At the young age of 19 I got married and had a little girl. She was the light of my life, but unfortunately my marriage was not a good one. My husband was not a very good father and I chose to have a tubal ligation done 2 years later. After a rocky 9 year marriage, we divorced. I had always regretted having the tubal done. I wished I had chosen something that wasn't so permanent. Whenever I would see babies or small children, it would make me feel so sad knowing I would never be able to have a chance to have another child. Almost 3 years ago, I met the greatest man. He was everything I had ever hoped for. He had no children of his own and I had told him ahead of time about my tubal ligation and that I couldn't have more children. We started our lives together and thought maybe we could look into adoption down the road. I really wanted us to be able to have our own child, so I started researching reversals. I called around the area I lived and the cost was way too expensive, not to mention not many people had done them, so the success rate was not good. Feeling kind of hopeless, I decided to look on the Internet. Dr. Levin’s website was the first one I looked at. His reversals were actually affordable and he had impressive success rates! It almost seemed too good to be true. I was very skeptical. I decided to go with him and contacted his office to get started. We all flew to Kentucky and the surgery went great.
  Dr. Levin and his staff were so awesome. Having clips done, he said the reversal went well and that I had plenty of good tube and to wait six weeks before trying to get pregnant. I had the surgery in April 2009.(I was age 33) We were still thinking in the back of our minds that the surgery wouldn’t work. We waited a few months and thought we would start trying. I got pregnant in October! It was a dream come true! We stared in amazement at the positive pregnancy test! Carter James was born on June 14th. He is such a joy. Dr. Levin made our dreams come true. The work he does is amazing and changes peoples lives. I can't thank him enough!
tubal reversal baby - sandra morgan Sandra and Jamie Morgan of Troy, Illinois at Sandra.Morgan@VerizonWireless.com>
Dr Levin, I have not had a chance yet to write up a full story, but wanted to quickly share with you the GREAT news that we were finally had our miracle baby. My reversal was done in Nov of 2004 (I think). After my procedure we conceived right away but had 6 miscarriages (one was a 2nd trimester loss due to incompetent cervix) before this last pregnancy. After the 6th loss I wanted to give up and went on Depo Provera. I got the shot in Sept of 2007 and had a bad reaction that caused me to bleed heavily for 2 months straight in Oct- Nov of 2007. I chose not to take it again when I was due for my next injection as we decided to just let my body restore itself.
In Feb 2008 my husband was on a mission trip in New Orleans during Marti Gras and met a man who had a gift of praying for women with fertility issues. He called me and prayed for me, after that we conceived with my March 2008 cycle. My pregnancy was high risk because of my previous miscarriages, so I had a cerclage at 14 weeks and was on progesterone throughout the pregnancy. I was induced at 38 weeks because I had been experiencing high blood pressure. Our son William David Morgan was born at 6:04am on December 16, 2008. He was a very healthy 8 lb 11 oz little guy.
We thank God for the miracle of his life and are very grateful for having found you to perform the reversal surgery that made it all possible. Please let me know what more you need from me so you can share our story. Thanks, Sandra Morgan
tubal ligation reversal - rosemarie kuipers Rosemarie and Wade Kuipers of Pierre, South Dakota at rosemarie_yost@yahoo.com
This is our new bundle of joy that arrived Feb. 27th. Lydiah Fayelouise Kuipers weighed 6lbs 2oz. and was 18 1/2 inches long. She was born 1 month early but is healthy and doing great. I like a lot of the women going to Dr. Levin had my tubes burned after my second child. I had my son in May 2000, and my daughter in March 2002. My marriage was not a healthy one for two people let alone adding two little ones to it. So in April of 2002 I had my tubes burned. Needless to say, I ended up getting a divorce in 2004. I went on my merry way being a single mom and doing pretty good on our own considering. I had met a guy through mutual friends, but was newly divorced so wasn't really interested in anything but friendship.
Almost 4 years later, we ended up dating and getting married. He didn't have any kids of his own, but was ok with it. He is a great daddy to my two kids, and it wasn't long and we were talking about having the reversal done. I had been following Dr. Levins success rates and stories before I had ever thought about having anymore kids. I compared his background with others, and without a doubt, he was the one and only.
On March 10th 2008 I had my reversal done, and 3 months later we were pregnant. We couldn't believe it. Now we have a beautiful baby girl to add to our family. We can't thank Dr. Levin enough for his talent!! Thank you so very much! The Kuipers Family
tubal reversal baby - maria carrillo Maria Carrillo and Jose Rios of Grand Prairie, Texas at pepa_c2003@yahoo.com
After being 19 and a single mother of three sons, I knew for certain that I was done having children. It actually didn't bother me knowing I couldn’t have any more children since my hands were full with the ones I had. Then I meet my ex-husband and the feelings of wanting another child hit me. At first I was afraid to tell him I couldn’t conceive for fear of what his reaction might be. But then when I did tell him he actually understood. So that was when I started to look into reversals. After driving all over town and trying to find doctors who actually do reversals I actually found out about Dr. Levin thru the yellow pages. I called and they sent me the information on the reversal. So after sending my medical records and later speaking to Dr. Levin my ex-husband and I decided to “go for it”. Well needless to say, my relation with my ex did get strained because of this and we decided to call it quits. But I continued with my quest. I wouldn't give up because the feelings of wanting another child were already there. Well my surgery was done in May 2004. Everything went fine and if I recall, Dr. Levin told me I had a 40% of getting pregnant. So after my surgery I meet my now husband. In February 2005 I find out that I'm pregnant. Boy was I exicited!! But that exitement later turned to sorrow. At 16 weeks I found out my baby had no heartbeat. But I was not discouraged. I knew that things happen for a reason. Then on Valentine's Day 2006 I find out I'm pregnant again!! Boy was I nervous!! But after hearing my baby's heartbeat for the first time, I knew everything was going to be fine. Well my son, Ramon Angel Ortiz was born on October 12, 2006. He was 7 lbs 6oz and 20 inches long. Oh and he had 3 older brothers that were 16, 17 and 19 when he was born. All I can say is "Thank You" Dr. Levin for what you do and for literally bringing me back the happiness that I had lost and for helping to give me a chance to love again.... Maria Carrillo