Tubal Ligation Reversal Testimonial Baby Club
from Richard M. Levin, M.D., PSC at 1-502-584-7787
Volume 80: January 2009
The New Year Edition

The testimonials below are some short testimonials from a number of different patients from around the the World who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal.
Testimonials that would not fill a normal page are grouped here together and I think you will find these remarks exciting and compelling.
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julie_narlock_btn.jpg Julie Narlock of Centerpoint, Indiana: We are very blessed and do not mind letting everyone know it is because of Dr Levin that we have our Bundle of joy! He is truly blessed with a great gift. God has blessed him truly. I was very nervous and scared when I got there to have the procedure done because i hadn't even met Dr Levin but I have to tell you the moment he came in and talked to us before the procedure I just knew it my heart it was right. It's hard to explain except to say I had a peace that came over me and I knew everything was going to be ok and that I was in good hands. And I was! I was in great hands. He not only took care of my tubes but also the large knot on my uterus. I don't know all the specifics as far as remembering my tube lengths and things but I did have to wait longer to start trying. I can tell you this, that he didn't desert me that's for sure. When I got down and worried that it just didn't seem to be happening he was patient and very kind and encouraging. And guess what? As soon as I stopped stressing about it - it happened . I was young when I had them tied. 4 kids, not a great marriage, my husband was seriously cheating at the time and i just didn't want to bring anymore kids into that so I did something to fix it but deep down I knew I was making a mistake. When I married the love of my life in June 06 we were very happy - we had his three girls 15,18, & 20 and my four 12,15,17, 18, But we were just not complete. I felt worthless because I couldnt give the love of my life the greatest gift -a child - i just kicked myself thinking how stupid I had been. We talked about - found Dr Levin and went out on a limb and took our chances. This was not an easy decision because I knew we were takin a chance wth no guarantees I kept thinking what if Daniel pays all this and it doesn't work. Well he loves me enough to say either way its OK but the only thing we have to lose is to not try. I am so glad we took the chance. God blessed us that's for sure. And she is worth every cent and more! We are so thankful to Dr Levin we would reccomend him to anyone . My OB doctor here even told me while I was having my c-section with Mia that Dr. Levin did an awesome job on my tubes you couldn't even tell they were ever apart. Thank again for everything.
tanya_reynolds_btn.jpg Tanya Reynolds of Fulda, Minnesota: Hello, My name is Tanya Reynolds My husband is Tony. In 2007, my husband and I talked about having a baby together. My husband is 37 and has two kids 15 and 12. I am 34 and have two kids 14 and 12. We would like one together. I had my tubes tied 9 years ago. So I went online to see what we could do. That is when I found www.babies-by-levin.com . So I looked it over and my husband looked it over. And we both said that is what we are looking for.
So I called the office and they were SO NICE. And they told us what we needed to do. The next thing we know my Tubal Reversal is done. Dr. Levin tells us everything went very good and all we need to do is go home and try. So now we are on our way home to start trying. So that is what we did. 3 weeks later I was pregnant. (As my husband would say our first time we tried it worked).
Then in 9 months we had a beautiful healthy baby girl Tori Rose. Tori Rose she will be one on January 16 2009. And we have Dr. Richard Levin to thank.
deidre_boyken_btn.jpg Deidra Boyken of Manitou, Kentucky: My name is Deidra Boyken. I had my tubes tied when I was twenty three. I had two children and was content. I had gone through an ugly divorce and abandonment during my last pregnancy and did not believe I needed another baby to raise alone. I however fell in love to my prince Jamie and he became a father to my two children and really made our house a home and we became a family. As the years passed so did my desire to have a baby in a happy marriage. Seeing my husband be such a wonderful father to my kids made me want even more to give him a child of his own. I prayed for eight years for a miracle. Then for Christmas of 2006 I received that miracle. My dad and my second mom gave us the money to have the reversal done. I only had one tube and ovary and was nervous about how long it might take to get pregnant.
I researched all the available physicians that performed the tubal reversal and discovered that Dr. Levin was the best, most experienced and had the best deal as far a follow up commitment to help you conceive if the task was still difficult after the reversal. We scheduled the surgery for March 8, 2007. The surgery was one of the easiest surgeries I have endured and the recovery was quick. We followed Dr. Levinís orders to not try to conceive for two months. So we began trying the month of June and I got pregnant the end of July. We had a beautiful, perfect baby boy April the 9th 2008. He truly is a miracle and well worth the wait.
Thank you dearly Dr.Levin for making our dream come true.
andra_tyler_btn.jpg Andra Tyler of Louisville, Kentucky:Our little Miracle Baby, Alanna is now 2 1/2, My first Grandchild, Addison is 1, and my second grandchild (a boy) is due in October 2008. This is my story. I had my first 2 kids at 19 and just before my 21st birthday, thinking my life was complete and perfect with one Girl and one Boy, I had a tubal done at age 27 in 1990. My 10 year marriage ended in bitter Divorce in 1992. After years of being single,( one bad relationship after another) and even another bad marriage in between , I met Mike in 2003, a former Classmate from 1981, also divorced , but with no children. Mike and I hit it off immediately, my kids were 19 and 20. Long story short, Me, my kids, and my whole family fell in love with Mike, he was the best thing that had ever happened to me and the only man my Dad ever liked. We decided to get married and I wanted to have a baby with him, We were both over 40. Mike never pressured me, but did loved the idea of having a child with me. I found Dr. Levin on the internet, and since we live in Louisville KY, it was easy, I just made an appointment. Dr. Levin was so kind and very honest, He said Yes, I can do the reversal, but at your age, you may not be ovulating as much or maybe only every other cycle, there are no guarantees, but, there are other options we can try. Mike and I decided to go ahead, I had the surgery done just before Christmas in 2004 (14 years after my original tubal was done), before our Wedding date. We got married in Feb. of 2005 and I was pregnant within 5 months, by July 2005 and Alanna was born April 14, 2006!!! A beautiful ,healthy , Baby girl weighing 7 lbs. and 11ozs. Mike and I were both 42, my Son was 21 and my oldest Daughter had just turned 23, talk about starting over!!! Alanna is the joy of our lives, not spoiled a bit, by big sissy and big brother! She is the youngest of my mothers 12 Grandchildren. I gave Mom her 1st grandchild and last grandchild!! Unfortunately my father passed away bofore Alanna was born. Dr. Levin, Thank-You for our little miracle girl and making our lives so complete! Andra and Michael Tyler of Louisville KY, 40299
alicia_crane_btn.jpg Alicia Crane of Pace, Florida: Hello, my name is Alicia and I am a proud mother of three, one of which Dr. Levin helped me to conceive. After my second child was born, I thought I was done having children. Unfortunately, I experienced two miscarriages in between my two children and I did not want to go through that heartache again, so I had a tubal ligation. Within the first couple months I knew I wanted more children, but I kept my feelings to myself. About three years later, my husband was actually the first of us to say out loud that he wanted more children. With both of us feeling the same way, I started looking at our options. A tubal reversal seemed to be the most permanent answer that was in our price range.
There were many web sites and doctors that I looked into, but I kept coming back to Dr. Levin. His staff is so friendly and I was able to read so many accounts of such wonderful outcomes from his patients. I especially liked the message board where I was able to talk to live people about their experiences. So everything was arranged and I had my tubal ligation reversal done November 2006. My beautiful baby boy was born November 13, 2007 almost a year to the day after my reversal.
Dr. Levin and his staff are wonderful people and I would recommend them to anyone interested in this procedure.
nyoka_sawaya_btn.jpg Nyoka Sawaya of Morehead, Kentucky: Michael Lee Sawaya Born December 18, 2008 7 lbs 10 oz. 20 3/4 in. long. I had a tubal ligation done in 1996. After 12 years I came to you to do my tubal rerversal which you performed November 2007. I had a positive pregnancy test April 4th 2008. ( a little less than 5 months from the date of my reversal). My whole pregnancy was perfectly healthy in every way. My husband and I did not have a child together and this made our dream come true. I went into labor one week early and delivered Michael by c section at 6:02 am on December 18th, 2008.
While doing the operation, my Dr. commented on what an excellent job you had done with my tubal reversal and that I should really thank you...THANK YOU Dr. Levin for being such a good doctor and helping to make this a reality. I recommend you to anyone that is wanting to have this done. I did a lot of research and comparison with prices, etc. You came out on top. When I hold my son, I think of everyone and everything that made this possible and you are one of those people.
Again, thank you to you and your staff for helping to give me the reality of holding my newborn son, Michael Lee Sawaya. Thank you, Nyoka and Jack Sawaya of Morehead KY
melissa_hanks_btn.jpg Melissa Hanks of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky: First I want to start by saying Thank you to God and Dr. Levin. Without these two I wouldn't be telling my story.
I was a 38 years old Mother of 2, Tyler 16, Neal 14. My husband, Chris also had a daughter, Becca age 14, who resides with her Mother. We always knew that we would love to have a child together. We researched adoption and also researched tubal reversal. I have a best friend, Traci who had told me about Dr. Levin, and his success. After deep discussion, we gave Dr. Levin a call, made an appointment, we live about an hour from Dr. Levin office so we got to meet him face to face to discuss the surgery. My husband and I were extremely impressed, Dr. Levin was so personable not to mention his office staff was wonderful too. After getting my records from where I had had my tubes tied 9 years ago, we made our appointment for surgery.
On November 26, 2007, I had the surgery, Dr. Levin removed the hulka clamps and reattached my tubes, he seemed very optimistic and said we could "go home and start trying". That we did. On February 3, 2008, I woke with a pain in my right side. After having the pain all day that evening we headed to the hospital. There they informed my husband and I that we were Pregnant!!!! We were so excited and surprised that it happened so quickly. After having a wonderful pregnancy, Jon Jackson arrived a month early a little small, but very healthy.
Again, we can't thank you enough for our little bundle of joy. Sincerely, The Hanks Family
amber_lake_btn.jpg Amber Lake of Bedford, Indiana: Dr. Levin Hello, As I plan Jaxson's first birthday party I can't help but think of you and your staff. Thank you so much! I know you hear this a lot due all the miracles you perform. Our family is so happy and complete. He is the greatest gift. Attached is a photo, and I would love to post my story on your web site if you would like. May you and your staff have a wonderful new year!!
Sincerely, Amber Lake
beatriz_figueroa_btn.jpg Beatriz Figueroa of Tustin, California: Dr Levin had my tubal reversal done on March 1, 2006, and I'm so thankful for bringing happiness and joy to our family, my little miracle Mia Alyssa was born March 25, 2007,6 lb 7 oz, 20 in. After doing a long research in the internet I schedule a telephone appointment with Dr. Levin and I got totally convinced that he was the one to perform my surgery, my fiance and I flew from California to Kentucky everything went the way he told me and gave me over 95% chance that I will get pregnant, 4 months later I got the most wonderful news.
heather_schaap_btn.jpg Heather Schaap of Franklin Springs, New York: Just wanted to let you know that our little miracle, Sawyer Michael Schaap, arrived on 12/16/08 and he is doing great! We wanted to thank you, Dr. Levin, and the rest of the staff for everything you've done for us. Sawyer truly is a miracle and without Dr. Levin we never would have been able to have him.
Thank you all again for the precious gift, Heather and Jeremy Schaap