Tubal Ligation Reversal Testimonial Baby Club
from Richard M. Levin, M.D., PSC at 1-502-584-7787
Volume 78: November 2008
The Thanksgiving Edition

The testimonial below is the seventy-eighth in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Margo and Michael Lund of Lincoln California have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: mikeandmargolund@sbcglobal.net. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.
Margo and Michael, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: Margo had a Hulka Clip sterilization performed on 4/29/96 at the age of 23. She decided that she had made a mistake and wanted the opportunity to try to conceive again. So on 06/02/05, at the age of 32, she came to Kentucky to have her tubal reversed. Dr. Levin was only able to repair her right tube due to some issues with the previous tubal surgery. That's all it took because Margo conceived with her one tube.
Please enjoy Margo and Michael's story in Margo's own words . . .
Dear Dr. Levin;
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful work that you had done. We are proud to announce to you that we now have a beautiful baby girl added to our bunch. Emma Rose Lund came into this world on January 24, 2007 via c-section, weighing in at 10lb. 4oz. and at 20 in.
My story would be this: I was a young parent of two wonderful babies (only 14 months apart), when I decided that maybe having a tubaligation was going to be my best bet for my baby making ability to end. I had tried birth control in pill and shot form, but of course that did not really do the trick. I had no idea what to do and being only 23, and not educated in the whole birth control option department, I guess I was thinking that it was no big deal having the procedure done.
Who would have thought that 9 years later and feeling emptier than I had ever felt, my husband and I would be discussing the possibility of reversing the biggest mistake ever. I was really skeptical of the whole reversal thing until I ran across a group of women who had been discussing their success stories and how it was possible to actually have more children after a reversal. I was then sold on the idea, now I just had to find the perfect Dr. to help us. After many hours on the internet and checking many credentials, I came across one of the most qualified Dr.?s, that being Dr. Levin.
Long story short, June 5, 2005 became the day that my whole life would change with the help of Dr. Richard Levin and his wonderful staff. After the procedure and 3 months later it happened, we became pregnant. I did have to be put on progesterone due to my low levels but things went pretty well up until 6 weeks. I had an incident which made me believe that I had lost the baby. I had several ultra sounds and it was found that I was still indeed pregnant! What a scare that was, and for good reason. I thought that because there was a baby still living that there was nothing to worry about. I was wrong! We had made it to 16 weeks and found out that we were having a baby girl via ultra sound. At 17 weeks I went in for a regular check up when my doctor found no heartbeat. My body became numb, but had a thought that maybe, just maybe they were wrong. I wish! That was on Jan. 6, 2006 and on Jan. 12, 2006 I had to have a D&E. This was a sad time in our lives, but soon to follow was a wonderful miracle.
April of 2006 I was feeling a bit weird but blew it off only to find that in May I felt the same. I took a pregnancy test and before my eyes there was a positive. This was quite a surprise, but after the months to follow and 17 weeks passing time, I knew that it was meant to be. I got the most wonderful gift of all in January 2007. I got our Emma Rose! Our family is feeling more complete and we owe it ?All? to Dr. Levin. God bless you and your wonderful staff for doing such miraculous work!
Thank you again, Margo and Michael Lund and family