Tubal Ligation Reversal Testimonial Baby Club
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Volume 77: October 2008
The Halloween Edition

The testimonials below are some short testimonials from a number of different patients from around the the World from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Testimonials that would not fill a normal page are grouped here together and I thing you will find these remarks exciting and compelling.

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pam_pitmon_btn.jpg On 07/07/1994, Pamela Pitmon (h=Billy Pitmon) of Murfreesboro, Tennessee at pamela.s.pitmon@usps.gov had a Pomeroy sterilization with 1cm & 1.2cm removed. She was 27 at the time of this sterilization. On 06/27/05, she had a reversal performed by Dr. Levin. The reversal was great and yielded 6.0cm on the right and 8.0cm on the left. She was 38 years old at the time of her reversal and conceived shortly after.
I've been putting off writing our story for over a year now but I must let Dr. Levin I know how fantastic he is and how much joy he has brought to our life. I was 38 years old when I contacted him in April 2005. I started researching reversals and found Dr. Levin's website. His success rate was hard to believe but after reading the testimonials and Dr. Levin contacting me himself I knew he was the one. At age 28, after my second child I had my tubes tied thinking we were blessed to have a healthy boy and girl and two was plenty. Needless to say I did not know that the marriage would end after 14 years and I would be a single mom. Two years later I met the man of my dreams and we were married on October 18, 2003. We had talked about having children together because he didn't have any of his own. The first thing that came to mind was IVF. A fertility doctor in Nashville TN told us that we did not want to have a tubal reversal because it was major surgery and the success rate was not very promising . He also told us that my husband's sperm mobility rate was only 30% so IVF was the best choice for us to get pregnant. Well $12,000 and a month later - no baby.
That's when I found Dr. Levin's website. We scheduled our surgery for June 26, 2005 and on October 3, 2005 only three months later we found out we were pregnant. At age 39, I gave birth to our little man Carson Tate Pitmon on June 15, 2006. He weighed 5lbs and 15 oz and was 19 inches long. He is beautiful, healthy and the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank you Dr. Levin!!!
Billy and Pam Pitmon Murfreesboro, Tn.
lora_klicker_btn.jpg Lora Klicker (h=Dan Klicker) Shelbyville, Kentucky (No email) was sterilized in 1991 using the Pomeroy method with 1cm removed from each tube. In 1994, she had an ectopic pregnancy and her left tube was removed. At the age of 36, she came to Dr. Levin to have a tubal reversal done to her remaining right tube. The reversal was successful and resulted in 5.5cm of good tube. Lora went through a couple of miscarriages but worked with Dr. Levin to find out the problem. Through hard work and patience, Dr. Levin was able to find out what her fertility/miscarrieage issues were and she went on to carry her child!
Dr. levin I should have wrote to you about 9 months ago but have been busy. I want to thank you for my little man. He's the only out of 3. He was born on Aug 25th 2006 here are pics of then and now. it was a rough pregnacy I was put on bed rest for 14 weeks. He was born at 36 weeks and weighed 5,9. very healthy baby. Thanks again. Lora Klicker
cynthia_eriksen_btn.jpg At the age of 23, Cynthia Eriksen (h=Jon Eriksen) Fort Riley, Kansas at cynthiaeriksen75@hotmail.com had 2.1cm and 1.6cm of tube removed using the Pomeroy method of sterilization. Exactly 9 years to the day later, she came to Dr. Levin for a reversal. She had great long tubes; 7.5cm on the right and 6cm on the left.
At the age of 23 I had 5 children under 4years old and a husband that was never around, so I got my tubes tied. I had regretted it since day one that was April 24th 1997. I started researching tubal reversal Dr's immediately never thinking I would ever get them untied but sent for my records just to have them. In 2001 I got a divorce I met my best friend who is now my husband. We talked and wanted a baby together, he joined the military and we were going to have the military do it so it wouldnt cost anything, but I told him about all the research I had done the past 6-10 years on Dr Levin and how he offers so much more. So when my husband was in Iraq in 2005 he reinlisted so he got a bonus and I paid for the surgery in 2006. They scheduled me to have the surgery on 4-24-06...I said Oh thats my youngest daughters birthday, they asked if I wanted to reschedule and I said NO it would be good luck. We flew down there and had the surgery, came home waited 3 weeks and started trying.
Three months later I missed my period I called Dr Levins office and they sent me for blood work. I was 5 weeks pregnant!!! My due date was April 24th,2007!! Well 4-23-07 My baby Abigail Grace was born weighing a healthy 8lbs 12oz. I am soo grateful for Dr Levin, I never thought I'd have another baby. It truley is a miracle. Thank You soo much Dr. Levin and God Bless You. We are going to work on baby #2 when my husband gets back from Iraq for his second time. Cynthia Eriksen
cathy_flowers_btn.jpg Catherine Flowers (h=Jeff Flowers) (4 reversal babies!) of Center Ridge, Arkansas at j.flowers@earthlink.net came to us in December 1999 seeking tubal ligation reversal surgery at the age of 33. She had been sterilized using the Pomeroy method at the young age of 21. Her doctor had removed 1.1 cm from the right and 0.8 cm from the left. On Her surgery was successful and yielded 5cm on each side. She took advantage of Dr. Levin's free follow-up infertility care and conceived!!
Dr. Levin, Hello, this is Catherine Flowers, from Arkansas. How are you? Fine here i have some good news to share with you. April 26th 2007 i delivered a 8lbs 6oz baby boy! This was my 4th tubal reversal baby. His name is John Wyatt Flowers, and very beautiful. I need to do a testamonial for you. You have helped us have a beautiful family. We thank you so very much for everything you've done. Since having my tubes untied. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. added to our family. Samuel 5, Hannah 2, Ethan 11 mos. and John 9 days. i just wanted to share our joy with you I hope you have a wonderful day.
Cathy and Jeff Flowers
beth_pafford_btn.jpg Beth Pafford (h=Levi Pafford) of LaGrange, Wyoming at lbp@actcom.net (on 2nd reversal baby) was sterilized using the Pomeroy method at the age of 29. Her pathology report was not available so Dr. Levin did not know exactly how much tube had been removed during that surgery. She came here for surgery on 05/25/2006 with great results- 8cm on the right and 7.5cm on the left! Her tubal reversal took place when she had just turned 37 years old.
Dr. Levin and staff. We had our sweet baby girl on April 16th 2007, in Torrington Wyoming at 7:44p.m. she weighed 8lbs. 6 oz. and was 19 1/4 in long. Her name is Kirsten Evonne Pafford. We had the tubal reversal done on May 25th 2006 and not even a year later we are blessed with our new little girl. Here are some pictures, the first she is about 12hours old, the next one she is with her big brother and sister and the third she is a week old wearing her babies by Levin t-shirt.
We cannot Thank You enough for helping us on the road to having her. Levi and Beth Pafford, LaGrange Wyoming
chelle_stephenson_btn.jpg Chelle and Brad Stephenson of Rienzi, Mississippi at chellenash@hotmail.com. Chelle had a triple burn-laparoscopic tubal cauterization (LTC)-performed on 03/01/1999 at the age of 32. On 8/26/02, her tubal reversal surgery was successful and resulted in 5.5cm on her right tube and 5.0cm on her left. She had some adhesions surrounding her tubes which Dr. Levin diligently removed so that Michelle's chances of success would be higher. Michelle was inseminated for free at Dr. Levin's office as part of his free follow-up care.
Hello, always enjoy the newletters. i had my surgery on Feb. 27th 2006 and became preg. on May23, 2006. Delivered on Feb. 13, 2007..i tried to attach several pictures. So very thankful for Dr. Levin and the wonderful staff there. Beautiful boy,,,,TY Stephenson.
Thanks again. Chelle Nash Stephenson.
monica_augustave_btn.jpg On 4/14/1997, Monica Augustave (h=Wilson Augustave) of Newark, New York at monicaaugu@yahoo.com had a Pomeroy tubal ligation with 1 cm of tube removed from each tube following the birth of her 4th child. She was 30 years old at the time. On 3/15/2006, her reversal surgery with Dr. Levin left her with 6cm on the right and 7cm on the left. Monica was 39 at the time of her tubal reversal.
Dr. Levin, my bundle is finally here Wilson Augustave Jr. was born April 3,2007 at 8:36 am, by c-section 7lbs an 5oz, 19 inches long, a healthy beautiful baby boy and we owe it all to you that's you so much for all you have done, you can't imagine how happy you have made us.
Thank you so very much. Monica and Wilson
amy_nell_btn.jpg Amy Nell (h=Frank Nell) of Lebanon, Indiana at afnell@yahoo.com had a bilateral tubal ligation by Pomeroy method on January 15, 1996 at the age of 27. On June 9, 2005 she had a ligation reversal at the age of 35. This left her with tube lengths of 6 cm on the right and 7 cm on the left.
Dr. Levin. We had our reversal in June of 2005. Here is our miracle baby, born on July 19th. Her name is Ashlyn and she weighed 8 lb 10 1/2 oz and was 20 1/2 in long. Our Doctor was so impressed with my tubes, he said you couldn't even tell they had been through a tubal and then a reversal...what a great job you did! Amy Nell
tracey_kilts_btn.jpg Tracy and Aaron Kilts of Primghar Iowa at tnakilts@tcaexpress.net
Dear Dr.Levin. I can't begin to thank you for the wonderful gift we have been given thanks to you. Patricia Faith Kilts was born on May 10th at 2:55 am. At 7lbs and 20 1/4 in. long. I had the best labor ever. My surgeon that did my tubal asked about the my surgery and I told him your web site. So the woman that might want more children have a better chance when they decide to do so. I'm pleased that it didn't take long for me to get pregnant. my surgery was in February and I got pregnant in July. It had been 11 years since I had a child. I miscarried a week after I found out, but I thought about it this way that my body said " Oh we are to do this again". We waited 2 months like you told us and sure enough I got pregnant. I had a great pregnancy I had no problems like I did before with my older children. We are going to have 1 more thanks to you also...
Ever so grateful !!!!! Aaron and Tracey Kilts and family
diana_fairchild_btn.jpg Diana and Greg Fairchild of Tucson, Arizona at kickerlbarj@aol.com
Dr. Levin. You may not remember me. I came to Kentucky from Tucson, Az. for you to perform my tubal reversal. Unfortunately, you were only able to reattach one side because I just didn't have enough tube left. This was July of 2006. September 2006 I had a salpingogram performed here in Tucson and was told by the physician that neither tube was connected at that time. Almost 1 year from this day I ended up getting pregnant!!!! I was able to carry this baby to 34 weeks after being on bedrest at 21 weeks and hospitalized at 31 weeks. Mr. Wyatt was born April 9th. He weighed 5lb 7oz and was 19 inches long. He spent 12 days in the NICU and came home this past week. We believe in miracles and believe you gave it to us!!
Thank you, Dr.Levin!!!! Diana and Greg Fairchild