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Volume 75ed3: August 2008
Extra Edition 3

The testimonial below is an Extra Edition in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Julie and Terry Clahan of Crawfordsville Indiana have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: sarges_cute_lil_wife@yahoo.com. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on “Get Started . . . have a baby!”.
Julie and Terry, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: Julie had a Modified Pomeroy Bilateral tubal ligation on July 27, 1989 at the age of 23. On February 8, 2006 at the age of 39 she chose to reverse this procedure. The reversal left her with 7 cm on the right side and 6 cm on the left side.
Please enjoy Julie and Terry's story in Julie's own words . . .
I wanted to share my story with all of you. I had a tubal ligation 18 yrs ago after giving birth to my youngest child . I was in a bad marriage with a very controlling man and I regreted every minute of having had one done. We divorced when James was in kindergarten and I raised my four children on my own without a father , working three jobs to make ends meet . After 11 yrs I finally decided that my children were pretty well grown up so I would take my chances and start dating again. I met a wonderful man who treated me with the utmost respect and was good with James as he is special needs and will always be dependent. We decided after dating only 2 months that we wanted to spend our lives together (though his being military and the fact the he was active duty kind of scared me). We married Valentines Day and began our journey.
Terry had two adult daughters and I had four of my own ranging from 19, 16, 16, and 15 at the time. My husband decided that it might be kind of nice to have another one as both of us were so busy we didn't get to enjoy our the children the way we had wanted to being young when we had them. So we began our journey of looking into having my tubal reversed. In Febuary of 2006 we traveled to Louisville Kentucky to have this done as I knew about Dr. Levin and had thought about having this done for sometime in case I did meet someone who wanted children. Of course our anniversary was coming up and Dr. Levin gave us a wonderful anniversary gift.
We had our dream of having a baby restored and no waiting period to try to conceive. So of course we tried and tried and after a year of trying I was on the phone with Dr. Levin who was looking at my chart and I found out I was not ovulating , so after he asked me to send him one more month worth of charts we would decide what needed to be done. I, of course, disappointed started charting and we had the blizzard on our anniversary which blew our plans of going out of town , boy am I GLAD IT DID! Because we stayed home to celebrate and 3 weeks later I was sending Dr. Levin and email telling him I was pregnant! What a wonderful anniversary gift!
So on to 9 wonderful months, no morning sickness but gestational diabetes. I gave birth to a very healthy , happy, and wonderful baby boy ! On November 5, 2007 Dalton Bailey Clahan arrived just 3 days before my 41st Birthday so I also got the most amazing birthday gift too.
THANK YOU DR.LEVIN ! ! ! We are so proud and so very happy to have been given the chance to have him as I am 41 and Terry is 50 . Dalton was welcomed by our other children ages 30,29,21,19,19, and 18 and 3 nieces and 1 nephew and he has a niece born a week after him and 1 coming in March.
Julie and Terry Clahan