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Volume 74: July 2008
Another Home Run Edition

The testimonial below is the seventy-fourth in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. This edition is a very special edition. On January 6, 2005 Dr. Levin performed three tubal ligation reversals. All three women quickly conceived and all three have delivered their miracle babies. We had another such testimonial (#26 from 7/17/2003 - Dr. Levin's birthday) and just sort of tripped over this trio by accident. We have no way to track such events so we were lucky to notice this. The other two ladies #56 Shannon Azure and #65 Elena Stephen have already done testimonials so please go and read those also. Dr. Levin, once again scores a BIG LEAGUE HOME RUN!


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Case Facts: Teresa had a laparoscopic bilateral tubal ligation with falope rings on July 9, 1987 at the age of 21. On January 6, 2005 she had Dr. Levin reverse her tubal at the age of 39. Her tube lengths were 7 cm on the right and 6 cm on the left side.
Please enjoy Teresa and Mathew's story in Teresa's own words . . .

Hi Dr. Levin,
I am just now getting around to writing my testimony. Pretty bad, it's been nearly 2 year's and I'm just getting around to it. its been hard to find the time to sit down and do it. anyways I wanted to send it to you because we are so thankful for you and the gift of our son David. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough!
Well like some young mothers, I had my first 2 by the time I was 20. both boys; My first one was so calm, and my second one was so energetic. I decided to have a Tubal Ligation. I was a single mother of two boy's and I didn't think I would ever meet Mr. Right. So in July of '87 I had my Tubal Ligation done.
Well in '90 I meet my husband and we got married in '91. We decided to have Tubal Reversal done; looking at the cost we decided to try and save. It took 13 year's of trying to save. I was starting to get worried that I was getting to old; it had been almost 18 years since I had my Tubal Ligation done. My husband found Dr. Levin's website and we read everything there was. So I called and got all the information I needed. Dr. Levin made me feel so much better, and that I wasn't to old. We got so excited that we even started thinking of names, and what kind of nursery furniture we would be getting. We couldn't wait.
I was so happy when my oldest son called me, and I told him that I was going to have a Tubal Ligation done. He wasn't to sure on how to reply, but he sounded happy for me. He asked me what state it would be in, so that maybe we could see each other. But he was in Georgia and we would be Kentucky. My other son sounded excited as well.
In January '05 we fly to the other side of the country to have my Tubal Reversal done. In August '05 we tested positive. So much joy that we still don't know how to put into words. We couldn't wait to tell every one. I was so happy and full of joy that I got lost driving home. I told my mom after I heard from my husband. I left him a voice mail on his pager. I was so glad his job had pagers, However his job no longer has them. I told my 2 boy's when they called me; My oldest was in the Army at that time. My other son lived 5 hrs. away from me with no phone. My husband called his mom, Then announced it to his family on a message board on the internet. Every one was so happy for us, And helped us with getting what was needed for our little bundle of joy that was on his way.
On April 10 '06 we gave birth to our son David. The best gift that we could ever get. I also have a grandson who turned 1 on April 12 '06. We are still trying for another. I have had one miscarriage in July '07. I have been worried but not discouraged. Thank you so much for our little bundle of joy, even though he's not so small now. We can't wait for our next one. Both of my older boy's Love There little brother and it is so nice to see them together even if they can't make it home that often.
Much Love and Thanks
Matt and Teresa and David