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Volume 46: March 2006
The St. Patrick's Day Edition

The testimonial below is the forty-sixth in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. Jill and Michael Griffin of Tiffin Ohio have been so kind to allow us to share their story with others who are thinking of having a tubal ligation reversal and they have consented to accept your email inquires at: jlgriffin@woh.rr.com. If you are interested in having this procedure performed then please visit our web site listed below by clicking on "Get Started . . . have a baby!".
Jill and Michael, thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Case Facts: At the age of 28, Jill had a Pomeroy tubal ligation done after the birth of her last child. She had 2.2 cm removed from her left tube and 2.5 cm removed from her right tube. In 2003 she had two cycles of IVF performed which failed to help her conceive. Two months after the last IVF failure, Dr. Richard Levin performed a very successful bilateral microsurgical tubal anastomosis on Jill.
Please enjoy Jill and Michael's story in Jill's own words . . .
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I had my tubes tied after giving birth to my third child (August 1996) with my first husband. Approximately 2 years later and after 13 years of marriage (and 3 children) my husband and I divorced. I then met a wonderful man whom I fell in love with and married almost 2 years after we met. We began discussing children and decided to investigate a tubal ligation. After meeting with a local doctor we were convinced by this doctor that the best thing for us to do was invetro-fertilization (IVF).
After many months of shots, blood work and ultrasounds we finally had 4 follicles and proceeded with the surgery to implant them. After following all instructions carefully we got the results from the doc on my blood work-I was not PG. This was one of the most heart wrenching experiences my husband and I have had to deal with. After shedding numerous tears and a few more months of waiting, we decided to try a second time. We went through all the same things all over again, except this time I didn't have as many follicles. On implant day just before going in for the surgery, the doc came in to see us to tell us there was only 1 follicle that continued dividing. He also told us that if this didn't work we probably would not be able to try again. Two weeks passed and the nurse called us with the results-negative once again.
By this time I was just about to turn 36 years old and had lost all hope for ever having a child with my new husband. One day I thought about a cousin of mine who lives in Michigan and I knew had a tubal ligation. I decided to give her a call and we talked for a quite some time-she gave me every detail of her procedure. She also gave me the information on her doc-Dr. Levin. Hubby and I looked up the website and were impressed by what we read. We then called and scheduled an initial (telephone) consult due to the distance between Ohio and Kentucky. After chatting with the doctor, hubby and I decided to give this a shot-after all what did we have to lose at this point.
After our telephone consult with Dr. Levin and after having sent my records on to him for his review, we got some wonderful news. Dr. Levin told us that I was a good candidate for a successful procedure. This gave us so much hope again and we couldn't wait to have the procedure done. After figuring out our finances, we scheduled the surgery. I had my tubal ligation procedure performed November 20, 2003. My lengths were right = 4+2.5; and left = 3+2.5. Dr. Levin and Venica (and the rest of the staff too) were wonderful. We finally were able to begin trying to conceive. I took my temp daily with my basol thermometer and recorded the results on the Cyclewatch software we purchased. We weren't having any luck and again began losing all hope. Dr. Levin had many things for us to try, which included another trip to Kentucky for a hysterosalpingogram to make sure my tubes were open and they were. We continued receiving the wonderful testimonial emails, which rejuvenated our hope each and every time we began feeling discouraged again.
Finally, one year and almost eight months after my reversal I had suspicions that I may be pregnant, but feared getting myself too excited. After talking to a friend, she convinced me to do a test. July 4, 2005 I did the test and could NOT believe what I read-pregnant. I was in so much shock that I immediately went to the computer and emailed Dr. Levin to see if it was a "fluke." A few minutes after that I told my husband our news and the phone rang-it was Dr. Levin. He was calling to talk about things and give me instructions for the coming weeks. After a few more weeks of being on pins and needles and anticipating each ultrasound we had done, it was confirmed-we had a baby growing!! We were so very excited and took every precaution to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. The pregnancy went off without a hitch and the baby was coming along as expected. Our official due date was expected to be March 6, 2006.
At the age of 38, I went into labor and delivered a beautiful baby girl on March 7, 2006. Michaela Jillian weighed in at 7lbs and was 20 inches long-she is perfect!
I am so thankful to my cousin, Donelle (Doni), for referring me to Dr. Levin. Dr. Levin's staff were all so great and patient with every phone call, email, fax, etc. My husband and I are so very thankful to Dr. Levin for all that he did to help get us to where we are today. Our baby girl is a true blessing from God, just as Dr. Levin and his staff are also blessings!