Tubal Ligation Reversal Testimonial Baby Club
from Richard M. Levin, M.D., PSC at 1-502-584-7787
Volume 36: May 2005
The Kentucky Derby Edition

The testimonial below is the thirty-sixth in a series of remarks from real people who found Dr. Richard Levin on the Internet and have had a tubal ligation reversal. This edition is a special edition of three “short” testimonials. While the remarks by these three women may be shorter that most testimonials, their love and their miracles are full and robust! Please enjoy the remarks of Jerri Wisdom, Romani King and Jeannie Craft about their miracle experieces.
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Leadwood, Missouri
Jerri & David Wisdom
Turner Station, Kentucky
Romani King
Citrus, California
Jeannie & Chris Craft
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Double burn cautery 5/12/2000
Reversal 10/23/2003 at age 32
Delivered 8/3/2004
(R) tube = 5.75 cm
(L) tube = 6.5 cm
Pomeroy Ligation 1/6/1997
Reversal 11/2/2000 at age 30
Delivered 11/24/2002
(R) tube = 5.5 cm
(L) tube = 3.5 cm
Pomeroy Ligation 8/22/1991
Reversal 12/18/2003 at age 37
Delivered 10/8/2004
(R) tube = 6.0 cm
(L) tube = 5.0 cm
I like many others of you had a previous marriage that was not so good but I did have 2 wonderful boys and I thought I would have to settle for that even though I always wanted more children. Then I met David, the love of my life, even though I never thought I would get remarried. We were married July 4th 2003, and he knew that I wanted to have children , the fact that I am 6 years older than him meant we could not wait forever, I was 31. I found Dr. Levins website and I knew instantly that he was the doctor that I wanted to use.
We sent the money and scheduled my surgery for 10/23/03 we drove 5 1/2 hours to Kentucky and had the surgery with tube lengths tha Dr. Levin felt we had a really good chance of getting pregnant. We were told to wait 3 weeks before trying to conceive which we did , after our waiting period was up we started trying the 16th of November and we got pregnant the 16th of November. I called Dr. Levin the first of December because I had not started my period yet, Dr. Levin faxed orders for blood tests and they were positive. With an estimated due date of August 9th 2004. Dr. Levin was wonderful as was his staff, I can not say enough about him and the entire experience. I have called and e-mailed him at night on the weekends and he has always gotten right back to me , he is a god send. Avery Michelle Wisdom came to us August 3rd 2004 at 6lbs 5oz and is absolutely perfect. Her Dad and I as well as the rest of our family are absolutely in love with her. I look at her everyday with pure amazement, I never thought it would be possible.
Thanks to God and Dr. Levin.
Jerri and David Wisdom
This is how my story goes. I married young and had children. The marriage proved to be abusive, however, and ended in divorce. I got pregnant later out-of-wedlock and due to my own “issues” was not with the father. After a great deal of counseling and a lot of help from God I worked things out and married my baby's father. He had missed out on my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter, though, and I felt very guilty about this. Also, after she was born I had had my tubes tied.
Four years later I came to Doctor Levin and had reversal surgery. I ended up having only one working 4 cm tube. I kind of felt like it was hopeless. Dr. Levin assured me that 4 cm. tubes were proven to work, and my husband bought me a figurine of an angel that said “Faith”. Fifteen months later, ( 6 of those months I actually was on birth control during an illness that needed treatment), I was pregnant. We were overjoyed! Cheyenne Grace Danielle King was born 11-24-02 and just seven months later I unexpectedly got pregnant with Tristan Foster King who was born 3-25-04!!
I think it is a miracle I conceived but know Dr. Levin's skill deserves all the credit. He has been touched by God. I am so thrilled, I want to have one more! We'll see!
God's Blessings to all,
Romani Marie King
My name is Jeannie Craft (38y) and I have three children (boys) from my first marriage (13yrs) now they are Pat 19 years (Downs syndrome), Reece 17 years (now living with bio dad), and Nate 13 years. I got remarried 6 yeas ago to Chris (37y) who, after 6 months of marriage was hospitalized for SLE and antiphospholipid disorder then had a stroke shortly after...he has since fully recovered after 2 years of chemo and a lifetime regiment of blood thinners....
In December 2003 I took a leap of faith with Dr Levin...never being out of California nor on a commercial airline my mother and I went to Kentucky. Met some really wonderful people and really unique traveling experience. So December 18th 2003 I had met Dr L for the first time in person 30 minutes before I went under...quite the character him and Venica....really made me feel comfortable.
Flew home a few days later recovered for about six weeks was at work after 2 weeks....got the positive pee test February 18th my husbands birthday!!!! Had my new little critter October 8th 2004 one day after my 17 yr son's B-day.... He was 7 lbs 3.2 ozs and 19.5 inches long and lots of dark hair and happy.... He is now 26.5 inches + and well over 18.5 pounds.......and quite the little charmer.
It's almost as if he knew his life is special and he is the best baby. My parents were thinking they were done with grandkids...haha. His parents are still in disbelief....and feel it's a bit surreal.
Chris and Jeannie Craft