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Frequently Asked Questions:


(Q) Have any of the surrogates refused to allow the natural father to have his baby?
(A) No! Our program has had 100% success in that regard since our first case in 1979.

(Q) How many cases have you been involved in?
(A) Over 2000 cases through December, 2010.

(Q) Will the surrogate know who we (the couple are) and will we know who she is?
(A) No! SPA is unique in that the program is run with anonymity. While the couple will be able to talk to the surrogate via conference call and be with the surrogate during the actual delivery, only first names are used. All face to face meetings will be chaperoned by a staff worker from SPA in order to maintain this relationship.

(Q) Where do your couples come from?
(A) All over the world. Over half from outside the USA.

(Q) Can you guarantee the couple success?
(A) No! When working with people one can never give a 100% guarantee. However one can look at our track record with not a single surrogate mother attempting to keep the baby.

(Q) What if the surrogate doesn't conceive?
(A) SPA generally will continue pregnancy efforts for 12 months unless the couple wishes to stop sooner. If she fails to conceive, another surrogate will be provided without any further charge from SPA and inseminations will go on from there. As opposed to some surrogacy programs, SPA puts no limits on the duration of time that we will attempt to have the surrogate conceive.

(Q) Why should a couple use the services of SPA instead of a service run by a lawyer or a business person?
(A) Because Dr. Levin is a practicing fertility doctor, he is better able to assist the surrogate in conceiving more quickly. With other agencies, all medical work is farmed outside of the surrogate organization because of a lack of appropriate medical background of the owners.

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