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Office Consultation and Evaluation:

Various payment options in these recording have changed. Payments on the morning of your reversal are no longer allowed so please make your last payment two weeks prior to your reversal date by Pay by Bank Wire Transfer

Once you have arranged for your records to be sent to the office, call to schedule an initial evaluation. The initial appointment with Dr. Levin will last about 30 minutes. At that time, he will review your records and complete a thorough medical history and physical examination. Dr. Levin will address any concerns that you may have about Tubal Ligation Reversals, so please be prepared with any questions you have after reading this material. After this consultation, Dr. Levin will assist you in deciding the next appropriate step.

For patients traveling from a great distance to have their reversals performed, Dr. Levin offers the option of a phone consult in lieu of an initial consult in person. This is a convenient alternative for patients, which saves them the time and money of making more than one trip for the surgery. In this case, the comprehensive physical examination will be completed at the hospital on the morning of the surgery.



In preparation for the consultation, you need to fax your operative note (and pathology report if your type of tubal had a specimen sent for analysis) to 502-589-3842 so that we have it at least one week prior to the consultation. Use the medical records release form to obtain your records. After it downloads then fill in all of the blanks and print out a copy. Sign and date the release and then mail it to the hospital/clinic where you had your sterilization performed.

You also need to fill in our personal data and medical history form. Save the form to your “desktop”. After it downloads then click on the item on your “desktop” to open it. When you have filled in all four pages, re-save it to your desktop, attach it to an email and send it to me at .

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