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Pricing For Your Reversal:


There are a couple of free consultation options through the Fast-Track page so be sure to check that out to save some money and move things ahead more quickly. As you may know, your health insurance will not cover a Tubal Ligation Reversal, as this surgery is considered to be elective, like plastic surgery.

Dr. Levin offers a comprehensive package price for the Tubal Ligation Reversal and the associated costs. You may elect to have the procedure done as an out-patient surgery for $6,200.00. An in-patient option is also available if necessity requires due to a serious medical condition. A surcharge will apply for reversals performed on patients who are 25% or more above their ideal body weight. Such patients should read this linked page for other very important information related to the success of a tubal reversal in overweight women.

The package price includes: Dr. Levin’s surgical fee, preoperative blood work, the operating room, the anesthesiologist’s fee, including medications, the recovery room, your postoperative stay in the hospital (in-patient package), post-operative wound care by Dr. Levin and post-operative pain pills when you leave the hospital. A 2-day free stay at the hotel is also included based on availability. Dr. Levin is famous for his free aftercare, providing patients with both free infertility care if they are having difficulty conceiving for various reasons as well as his free monitoring of the early part of their pregnancy during a time that ones own OB doctor would not yet be willing to get them into their office for monitoring.

This package price is at least half of what you would be charged for the same service and care at an equally qualified hospital. As a result of the large volume of reversals that Dr. Levin performs, his office is able to offer this comprehensive treatment at such an unbeatable price. The prices listed above are our cash discounted prices, not our posted retail charges.

The surgery package charge must be paid at the time you arrange your surgery in order to hold your place on everyone's schedule. Payments can be made by cash, cashier's check, money order, bank wire transfer or credit card but not a personal check. If you are short on money we have a number of payment options.

For the quickest path to having the reversal performed try our Fast Track Process and be sure to read our consent to treat & terms of agreement.

Please be very careful as you consider your options. Choose a quality doctor, not just a cheap price! We are frequently contacted by patients who chose less expensive options and who now need a second reversal to be done because their first doctor left them with blocked tubes. Read remarks from patients who went elsewhere. Our work stands out with open tubes and a high “walk-away” baby rate.

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