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THE REAL DEAL (Some girl talk from Jessica)

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Hello All! I am going to tell you some things which you probably are not aware of, even if you think you have done a lot of homework. I talk to lots of you guys about this on the phone and e-mail everyday. It will definitely give you things to think about and probably make up your mind on what doctor you will be in the best hands of. Read this you guys!!! It has all the real stuff you want to know. And if you want to talk about it, call me (800-766-0304) or e-mail me ( . And if you want some literature mailed to you about having your tubes untied then fill in the online initial contact form and I’ll send it to you right away.



Dr. Levin will review your operative note himself (at no charge to you) and let you know if you are a good candidate for reversal surgery. This is sooo important because you do not want to waste your time, money and hopes on a surgery that will not be successful! Dr. Levin is extremely skilled and experienced and will shoot you straight from the beginning.

Competitors: A nurse will review your operative note and let you know if you are a good candidate.

Conclusion: Wouldn’t you rather know that the surgeon who will perform the reversal thinks you are a good candidate? He/she is the one with all of the experience! Not his/her nursing assistant.


Dr. Levin: Our initial consultation is $150.00. You get to talk to Dr. Levin directly! He will spend as much time as you need to understand this process. He will explain the surgery and recovery in DETAIL. You will hear all the information you need to make a good decision straight from your doctor. Once you talk to him, you will feel so comfortable you will want to schedule ASAP! All of his patients love him and so will you.

Competitors: Our competitor’s prices for the initial consultation range from $250-$475. In most cases you will not speak with the Doctor performing your surgery until right before surgery time!

Conclusion: Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable actually talking to the surgeon who will be operating on you and determining your future regarding children? I know I would want to feel comfortable with my doctor and know that he/she will take time out of his /her schedule to talk to me directly!


Dr. Levin: $6,200 which includes the hospital fee, doctor’s fee, anesthesiologist's fee, medications, two-night stay in hotel, ground transportation between hospital and hotel, blood work. There are NO hidden costs.

Competitors: The least expensive competitor will tell you their all-inclusive price is $5,500, but watch out! Their price does not include $500.00 of blood work you are responsible for paying for and scheduling. Their price does not include the hotel stay which they require to be 4 nights. That can easily be over $400.00! Their price does not include ground transportation, which depending how far you stay from the hospital could easily run you $20.00 per trip! And then there is the whole thing about post-surgery infertility care from the surgeon you choose... read on, it will blow your mind!

FYI: The most expensive reversal price package to date is $21,000, so even if you live far, far away, it is way less expensive to book a flight and come see us!

Conclusion: Cheaper is not always cheaper and cheaper is definitely not better ( just ask our patients in the chat rooms! Or you can actually talk to the women who have given testimonials on our web-site!)


Dr. Levin: To perform your reversal and achieve the highest levels of success, Dr. Levin operates in a state-of-the-art facility (Jewish Hospital who is annually recognized for outstanding service and achievements). He uses a microscope that costs $120,000. This is to ensure the best and closest view of your teeny, tiny tubes. It enables Dr. L. to reconnect every layer of your tubes, from the inside out, making sure they are realigned perfectly. A perfect repair of the tubes significantly increase your chance of a new baby! Not to mention, you are in a hospital which ensures your safety during surgery.

Competitors: They will operate on you in a clinic, not in a hospital, so if anything goes wrong, you will have to wait there for an ambulance, yikes! They will use a glorified pair of magnifying glasses (what are you a crossword puzzle?) to repair your teeny, tiny tubes. This basically leads to much less precise re-connection of your tubes, which can in turn lead to a higher rate of ectopic pregnancies or re-closure of the tubes.

Conclusion: Who wants to spend their money and time on a procedure that is not the best and may not give them the results they want? You want a baby!!! You need the procedure that gives you the highest chances of success! Read on to find out why Dr. Levin cares about you more than any other reversal doctor!!!

Here is a really BIG one.........

Dr. Levin: He is the only reversal doctor who will provide you with FREE fertility care after you have reversal surgery with him!!!! Let me say this again, free fertility care! This is for women who need assistance getting pregnant after reversal surgery. Dr. Levin will follow you and remain your infertility doctor until you turn up pregnant. Dr. Levin's biggest wish is that all of his patients get pregnant and have the child they so much desire. Since this is the case, obviously, Dr. Levin will bend over backwards in your reversal surgery to give you the best repair possible. He will work harder than any other doctor because he is willing to treat you after the surgery is over. It does not matter if it takes a few months or a few years, he is there for his patients. This should show you exactly how dedicated Dr. Levin is to each and every patient. He is always totally accessible to his patients and prides himself on answering their questions and responding to their concerns within the day they call him. He reads every single e-mail his current and future patients send him!!!

From a financial perspective, can you possibly imagine how much a year or better worth of fertility consultation would cost you out of pocket??? Thousands, and as you probably already know, it is not covered by insurance. Wow, I really can not say enough about the level of dedication and the amount of savings Dr. Levin is providing his patients with. Dr. Levin is the ONLY doctor that does this.

Competitors: It is simple and I see this all the time with patients of our competitors....once you pay and they give you a reversal, you're on your own! I hear it time and time again from women who have had reversals by other doctors “I had a reversal with so and so, and now I can't get any help, I don't know what to do, and I just want to have a baby!” It tears my heart out because I know they regret their decision to work with that doctor because they are no closer to having their baby and have no one to turn to. With other reversal doctors, you may not ever speak to the doctor again. They do not care if you get pregnant. They do not care if you become discouraged and depressed, and either need further medical care or just an ear to listen to you. This is truly sad, because these women are stuck. In some cases where women do not become pregnant on their own, it is a simple case that needed some medical tracking and advice. There is no reason these women are not pregnant, but they do not have a caring doctor to see their dream through till the end. This makes me soooo sad, but at that point, it is too late. Which brings me to a very important conclusion!!!!

Conclusion: Choose your doctor wisely!!!! I can not stress this enough, but if you need more convincing, read on. Once you have chosen your doctor, and had your reversal, you are stuck with their after-care (or lack there of). Reversal doctors will not treat patients who have had their reversals performed with other doctors. So, if you chose to have your reversal surgery based on cost or location alone, beware. If you need care after the reversal, you too may be out of luck and your hopes, time and money down the drain. Or you may be put in a position where you will have to come up with lots of money for a new fertility expert. Dr. Levin is more than your surgeon, he will become your friend, and will support you through the surgery and until you have your little baby. And that is what everyone wants!!! So why not get it with the most competent and caring surgeon? If the doctor you chose will not talk to you directly before or after surgery, can you trust the service you will receive during surgery? Why would they care to give you a good repair if they were never going to speak with you ever again?

(Read some remarks from patients who went elsewhere).

So now you know a lot of stuff that I have learned through-out the ten years I have worked in Dr. Levin’s office. I will add new sections of “frequently asked questions” as they come available. So if you have any suggestions, let me know at And don’t forget if you want some written material fill in the online initial contact form.

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