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Measurement of body temperature while in the basal (resting) state can give an indication of ovulatory function (i.e. whether or not an egg is released from the ovary during a given month). This is presumptive, but not definitive evidence of actual ovulation.

Please go to Cycle Watch Software to download the required softwaree to plot your temperatures so that I can help you with your ovulations. The cost of the software is $39.95 and it will be very helpful for me to be able to assist you.

Please follow this format for doing the chart:

  1. The chart should begin on the first day of the cycle (the day the period starts).
  2. The temperature should be taken every day, even during the period.
  3. Oral temperatures are adequate and you should find a digital “basal body” thermomoter at the pharmacy to use. Do not use one of the $200-$300 “Rabbit” computer-type thermometers.
  4. The temperature should be taken immediately upon awakening, before getting out of bed, before going to the bathroom, before having intercourse, before smoking, drinking, etc.
  5. The thermometer should remain under the tongue with your mouth closed until the thermometer beeps.
  6. Mark the temperature with a dot. If intercourse occurred on a given day, put a circle around that dot.
  7. If you have a cold, sore throat, restless night, or something else which might falsely elevate your temperature, then make a small note on the chart.
  8. Please be neat about recording the temperatures and bring the charts with you to each and every office visit. When you finish each chart, be sure to mail it to our office. Make sure your name and telephone number are recorded on the top of the chart in the appropriate blanks.
  9. A chart is supplied at the back of the infertility booklet supplied by out office when you schedule your initial office consultation. Please use this chart only and no substitutes. If you need more charts, just ask the nurse at the front desk.

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