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1. Semen Analysis (sperm count)

Evaluation of male fertility status is accomplished by doing a semen analysis (sperm count). Generally, it is best to obtain 2-3 separate counts over a period of 4-6 weeks in order to see the variation that normally occurs in the count. I realize that this may be difficult for some husbands because of the long distance from which many patients come. If it is not possible to get more than one count, at least mention this to me in case I want to make some alternative suggestions.

The method of collection is as follows: Intercourse should take place on a given day. Three days later (72 hours approximately) the specimen should be collected by masturbation directly into a sterile container provided by our office with no type of lubrication being used. It is extremely important that the complete ejaculate goes into the sterile container. If for any reason some of the specimen is lost, please inform the nurse. If your appointment is before 1:00 P.M., a sperm count can be collected at that time. Otherwise collections can be made in our office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. You should call ahead and schedule a time and day for this test.

For specimens collected in our office:

Specimens can be collected in our office in a room set aside just for sperm collection. A sterile container will be provided at that time. For those who need some help, certain erotic magazines can be found in the third drawer from the top. When you are finished, leave the container in the collection room on the counter and tell the nurse at the payment window that you are done. Make sure she has both your name and your spouse/significant other’s name so that the test results can be properly posted to her chart.

For specimens collected at home:

The specimen should be collected as close as possible to the time of your appointment in a sterile container supplied by our office. Do not collect the specimen more than 30 minutes before it arrives in the office. The specimen should be kept as close as possible to body temperature. If it is allowed to get too cold or too hot there may be a detrimental effect on the test results. Either the husband or the wife may bring in the specimen, preferably in a shirt pocket or in a bra cup. Please take note of the exact time the specimen was collected and tell the nurse. Make sure she has both your name and your spouse/significant other’s name so that the test results can be properly posted to her chart.

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