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What's in the actual evaluation?

Let me preface this section with a short but important comment. Many of the tests that I will want to do may have already been done by another physician that you have previously seen. As most obstetricians-gynecologists do very little infertility work, the expertise of doing these tests and/or their interpretation of these tests may be different from what I might obtain. If I were to rely on previously obtained information, I would probably get the same results you have now ... continuing infertility. As a result, and with no disrespect intended towards your previous doctor, I will probably wish to repeat a number of these tests. Virtually all of your tests will be performed by me, Dr. Levin; no getting bounced around from doctor to doctor or from place to place. All done by Dr. Levin.

The time required for me to go through the complete screening evaluation usually takes only one menstrual cycle. At the end of that time, appropriate steps can then be taken to facilitate your getting pregnant. The standard evaluation generally includes the following tests:

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