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A variety of blood tests will generally be performed on both you and your husband. A panel of eight hormones are analyzed on women including: FSH, LH, TSH, T3, T4, T7, Prolaction, and Cortisol. These same tests are performed on the husband also, with Testosterone and Androstenedione also being added. The purpose of these studies is to determine whether or not a hormonal imbalance exists which may be responsible for infertility, ovulation related disorders, or miscarriage problems in the wife or sperm problems in the husband. Many insurance companies will cover most of the expense of these tests in both the wife and husband; however, there can sometimes be greater difficulty with the husband's insurance as there are fewer diagnosis for which the insurance companies will typically find these studies appropriate for men other than for infertility. For the sake of brevity, I will not explain the exact purpose of these various tests, however, if one or more turn out to be abnormal, I will discuss it with you at the time of your next visit.

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