Women Reversed At Other Facilities


The e-mails below are just a few of those sent to us from women all over the country who are unhappy with the choice they made in picking a tubal reversal facility for their surgery. Many such women have asked us for advice on how to get pregnant when their tubal reversal facility would not give any follow-up care. Additionally many of these women have gone to facilities that perform very few tubal reversals and find that their tubes are blocked, either immediately following the surgery or shortly thereafter. It is very important for you to choose the right tubal reversal facility right from the get-go! Read our whole site before making your decision. Be a smart shopper!

Certain indentifying information below has been redacted at the request of a particular doctor who was offended by what his patient’s remarks. The unredacted communications below are stored in our records here in there entirity. It is not our intention to offend anyone, merely to point out issues that some patients had in the hopes it might help you better research your options

Reversal in XXXXXX XXXX, North Carolina of patient MD from Valley Stream, NY

Dear Jessica, I recently had a tubal reversal about two years ago. the doctor told me that I was a good candidate. I had the surgery. when the surgery was over he refunded my money and said he could not reverse the tube because the tube was too short. when he first saw my medical records, he thought he could do it. I was wondering (since I only have one tube on the right) if Dr. Levin could review the medical reports and see if he could do the procedure. I read on this web site that several people had to have the procedure done a second time because their tubes were blocked. I would love to know if Dr. Levin feels it could be done. if it could be done, I would be so happy. please give me the address of where I could send the medical records to. please let me know if I should call. I have the toll free number. Sincerely, MD 

The doctor in XXXXXX XXXX reviewed her sterilization operative note and decided that she was a good candidate. However he failed to review a portion of her medical history where she had a tubal pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy). Had that operative note been reviewed, the doctor at XXXXXX XXXX would have known that this patient had NO TUBES left and that the surgery that was done was destined to fail. The moral to this story is to make sure that your reversal doctor is thorough and reviews all notes which pertain to your reproductive parts.

Reversal in XXXXXX XXXX, North Carolina of patient RB of Dunwoody, Georgia

I am 32 and I had my tubes tied when I was 27. After my divorce, my ex illegally took my children out of the country and I have been unble to get them back. Last year I had a tubal reversal. I just had a HSG and it was discovered that my tubes are closed. I am out of options. I am sending this email in the hopes that you can inform me of my options and the financial responsibility attached. I just spent $7000 on the reversal, so I am struggleing to find an option I can afford.

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXXX, Georgia of patient RF of Opelika, Alabama

Hello, everyone I do not know whether you all remember me from back in February I had a failed tubal reversal at the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX in XXXXXXXXXXX GA. Well he told me that if he (Dr. XXXXXX) could not do the reversal then no one could. Well on July 28th, 2010 Dr. Levin performed my procedure and I came out great!!! I got 4.5 on the left and 5.5 on the right. Both tubes are open got to wait 6 weeks before I TTC that is okay though. Dr. Levin is the best I have ever met. When I woke up in XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX the doctor said "I could not reverse your tubes". He walked away and that was that. When I woke up in Kentucky I was immediately surrounded with LOVE, and "your reversal was a success". It was so much love and concern in the room. I tell you then my DH came in with some balloons. Dr. Levin you are the best and for any body who is having second thoughts on going somewhere else please consider Dr. Levin . . . he is the best. I am an RN and was skeptical at first. But, the moment I talked to Dr. Levin I was put at ease and decided to give it a go again. I did not feel good with the outcome in XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX. On the way to making my dreams come true.

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXXX, Georgia of patient JB of Kettering, Ohio

Thank you for getting back with me. And trust me I have bugged Dr. XXXXXX for many years but there is nothing he offers to do for me. I feel I have an okay fertily doctor here but I was going over your website and I really think you sound like a great doctor, so I was hoping by me faxing my records to you and if you could go over them and give me your advise on what the next step I should take. I dont have lots of money so I dont want to waste it. thank you so much!

Reversal in ? of BG of Palmdale, California

I did ALOT of research, but when it came time to do the reversal I went with what I thought was an experienced doctor but not the most expensive. I guess the saying is true... you get what you pay for because here I am exactly one year from when the surgery was completed & no closer to my wish. I recently had a (HSG test) dye test done (Mon 22nd) & my fears were confirmed there was NO activity in my tubes. NONE! The OBGYN & surgen that were present during the test told me that either he was completely unsucessful at reattaching or did not reattach them, trying to keep positive I want to believe he did his job but because there was no sign of reattachment I'm left dishearted. You were my first choice (you were just out of my area) & Yet I continue to read exciting results from your patients... So now I ask... What is the chances of a second attempt at reversal? Or should I just except it & try IFV? I have 3 natural children so I know in my heart I'm not broken. Please help.

Reversal in Mexico of RJ of Dallas, TX

Hello Dr.Levin my name is R...... I really need your help. Six years ago had a tubal ligation when i was going trough a really bad relationship and was going through a really bad depresion. I made that choice by being influenced and i totally regret about it. Now that i had found someone to be with me and starting a new life. I have found all my mistakes. Last year i went to visit my boyfriend's family in his country and i got carried away by visiting an Ob/gyn doctor. This doctor told me that he could do the surgery. And he performed it but he said only the right tube was able to be connected because he has seen several scar tissue in my left tube. I have had two salpingograms done in March and it show no evidence of connection or any success. There is a question about if he really did any tubal reversal. The only thing i know is i have a scar on my belly, have not been able to get pregnant because of the tubal ligation and my suffering for making that choice back in 2000 when i had the tubal ligation. I have read some of the testimonials and i have a feeling this is my only chance to put myself with someone that knows what is doing. I know i have made mistakes but i really want to have another baby. My boyfriend had really dissapointed when he found out the suppossedly tubal reversal surgery done in the right tube had no success. I have seen Ob/gyns and they recommend for me to have in vitro. They have said they do not want to try to do the tubal reversal. I still have faith and I believe you are able to help me. I'm still holding and hoping for a miracle to happen. And i know God had put instruments in this world to do it. Please Help. Sincerely, RJ from Dallas Texas

Reversal in XXXXXX XXXX, North Carolina of AR of Deerfield Beech, FL

Hi Dr. Levin...I wrote to you a few years ago wanting to get your opinion. You may not remember me but I had a TR in North Carolina back on May 23, 2001, quite some time ago, but was always a part of your discussion group. For two years after I had two hysterosalpingograms and both said tubes were open....but then I went back another year later for a laparoscopy and my gyno said my one long tube, the left one of 7.5 cm had closed. I now only have the right tube of 4.5 cm but have still never gotten pregnant despite every test I can possibly have done. I'm now 38..will be 39 in January and wondering if its still possible to have the closed tube repaired or if its not worth it at this point? Ive looked into IVF and its way out of financial ability for me at this point. Any thoughts you might have are greatly appreciated. Thank you

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXX/XXXXX, Florida of RR of Jacksonville, FL

Hi Dr. Levin, Hello how are you? I hope you don't mind me asking; however, I received a tubal reversal by the tubal reversal experts (I assume) in XXXXX Florida back in 10/05. To date I have not conceived so I was wondering if you think there is a possiblility or could you suggest anything. I was told there was a 70% chance before my operation, but when I came out of the operation room they told me it would be a 50% chance because when they did the surgery my tubes was very short (I was not told this from my op reports before hand) anyway they said they decided to turn them inside out like a flower giving me a possible chance at pregnancy. My question is what do you think about this. Is it really possible I could become pregnant? Is my chances really 50% from your professional opinion. If I came to you could it be corrected somehow. Please give me some feedback on this. Thanks Dr. Levin.

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXX/XXXXX, Florida of PM of Klamath Falls, Oregon

I had a reversal in 04, and our tubes are blocked do you do second reversals? I do not want to go back to the doctor I went to. Thank you P....

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXXX, Georgia or MC in Spring Hill, Tennessee

I had a reversal done in 2003 by another doctor, well it took me 2 years to become pregnant and when I did it was in my tubes. Before that I was told by my OBGYN that my right tube was closed and that my left tube was open, well the ectopic that I had was in my right tube. I went back to another doctor here and had another HSG done on 3/8/06 and was told that the right tube was closed but that they could not rule out spasams and that the left tube had some spillage but not alot. I wish that I would have done more research on my tubal reversal because I would have chose you to do it for me. Knowing that I did not come there for my reversal is there any advice that you can give me besides "keep trying it will happpen" like the place where I did get it done if I have to have them reversed again then that is what I am willing to do, as you can see I am not getting any younger and I would love to give my husband a child of his own. Thank you in advance MC.....

Reversal in Mexico of TC in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi Dr. Levin, I just wanted to give you an update. I had my surgery on April 20th and I have recovered very well. My incision healed perfectly with no problems and I was already doing everything normally just 2 weeks after surgery. I really wanted to say thank you so very much for taking a chance with me knowing that I had already had the procedure attempted from another doctor, who we both now know ripped me off. I am really grateful that you gave me hope! (Dr. Levin did a second reversal of this lady) I would like to know if there is a way that my doctor can order some kind of test and/or xray to let me know if my tubes are still attached. You told me that 1 of the tubes attached just great but that the other 1 was very delicate. I am extremely anxious to know if the tube stayed attached and I don't want to put so many hopes into having a baby when my waiting period is up if there isn't even a chance that I will get pregnant. The stress of not knowing if the tube is still attached is causing me a lot of anxiety and it is affecting me. Please let me know what type of test and/or xray my doctor can order so I can relieve myself of this anxiety. I know I still have 2 more weeks to go before we can try to get pregnant, but like I said, I want to be sure I have something to look forward to. Thank you again for everything. I will anxiously await your response. I will also inform you as soon as I get the results of the test regarding the tubes. Thanks, TC

TC had her reversal baby in 2008 from Dr. Levin's 2nd reversal. Her first (failed) reversal was done in Mexico.

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXX, Ohio of RC in New Port, Kentucky

I have e-mailed you in the past, but I thought i would try again. I had a tubal reversal done in like July of 2004 with no luck on a baby yet. To be honest I think I just went to fast and did not research and chose the wrong doctor. Once the surgery was over he pretty much said it went well and I should have no problems. Well he does no after care or anything unless you pay an arm and a leg. He wanted to do a test on me to make sure my tubes were still open and wants to charge me $1000 for the test only. I have washed my hands of Doctor S............. I was writing to see if Dr levin would consider doing that test on me to make sure my tubes are still open. I think when we talked before you mentioned the test being about $99.00 ...way better then $1000. My fiance and I have been together for 11 years and I have two sons from a prior relationship, they are 12 and 15. There is nothing I want more in this world then to give my Fiance a child. I just feel I should not be punished for choosing the wrong doctor.

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXX/XXXXX, Florida of KB in Kents Store, Virginia

I'm sorry. My surgery was done by another doctor. I called your office and your assistant stated that you do not work with patients who have gone to another doctor. I wish I had my surgery with you. I had my surgery done in Florida with Dr. ........ If you change your mind. I could send you my operative report.

Reversal in XXXXXXXXX, Ohio of MA

I had a TR in May 2005.Then had a tubal pregnancy back in August in 2005. No luck since the tubal. The TR was completed by the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX. I just want a little ray of hope for both me and my husband. He has no children and he is a only child. Please give any advise that can help our situation.

Reversal in XXXXXX XXXX, North Carolina of SB in Dublin, Virginia

Hello Dr. Levin, Over a year ago, I had my tubal reversal with another dr. He could only repair the tube on my right side. I have 5 cm of tube) I've been unsuccessful in conceiving. On ultrasound, it showed I was ovulating on the left side, so I wonder if I'm more likely to ovulate on that side. Should I consider having the procedure redone with you and your staff. You have copies of my operative report becasue I had sent you all this information when deciding originally to have the operation. Because of location and shorter drive we opted a closer dr. Can you offer any suggestion or help for us. Thank you for your time. SB

Reversal in XXXXXXXXX, Ohio of TD in Ashland, Ohio

I had microsurgical tubal ligation reversal performed by my physician at the XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX in Ohio November 16, 2006. I then had a hystersalpingogram performed on 4/27/07 at which time it was noted that there was no flow around either ovary. I am wondering if there is any other procedures that I can have to open my blocked tubes. I am 34 (almost 35) years old and am extremely interested in having another baby. Please let me know as soon as possible what my options are. Thank you- TD

Reversal in XXXXXX XXXX, North Carolina of SD in Salem, Oregon

I have a question... I had a tubal ligation reversal Feb 04. One side was fixed and the other I was told had too much Fimbria deterioration and it was not fixed. I appears that the fixed tube is now blocked. What are my options? Do I have any? Is a second fix a possibility? Can it be unblocked? Thanks! SD

Reversal in XXXXXXX, Maryland of DW in Solomons, Maryland

I am considering coming to your facility for a reversal. I have already had my tubes untied however the procedure didn't work and the tubes are still blocked. Please look at the operative report and let me know if you could do anything further. Please call me asap!

Reversal in XX. XXXXXXXXXX, Florida of LW in Fort Pierce, Florida

Doctor XXXXXX in XX. XXXXXXXXXX Florida. And no they aren't doing anything to help me become pregnant. I don't know what to do at this point.I have been searching the web to see what my options were but haven't come up with anything. My husband and I spent alot of money on the revesal and now have to start over on saving for IVF. I'm not sure at this point if we will be able to do IVF. I long to have a baby and now feel that dream was shattered. I love hearing your stories but right now its hard on me. If you have any suggestions that would be great. Thank You Lesley

Reversal in XXXXXXXXXXX, Georgia of BK of Kansas City, Missouri

I went to XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXX in XXXXXXXXXXX GA, a Dr. XXXXXX conducted the surgery on March 2006. Not sure why it never worked. I had the surgery in March of 2006, got pregnant right after the surgery and miscarried in April of 2006. I never conceived again. Was told in 2007 that tubes are open, with the die inserted, but just haven't conceived. The doctor has done nothing to help me conceive, he has the money now...surgery done, and no other support, so I have given up! BK of Kansas City, MO

Reversal in Mexico of JD of USA

Dr. Levin, thank you for getting back with me. We ended up using Dr. XXXXX in Mexico which I now regret. This really hurts me. Believe me, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about the stupid mistake I made and how I should have used you. I had rationalized that being I had good infertility insurance and that he was cheaper, that it was a safe decision to make. I thought it was going to save me money, but by the time all was said and done and everything added up, I didn't really save that much. It was a hard lesson learned. I should have went to you because of your success rate and the risk I was putting myself in.

Reversal in Florida of Lisa of Orlando, Florida

Hi my name is Lisa from Orlando Fla .I have been on Dr. Levins tr group since 2001 mostly just reading and enjoying all post for seven years. We started saving money for my tr starting 7 years ago. My husband and I saved every extra penny we got. Well after seven years of saving we saved $4,500.00. Well in Oct 2008 I guess I ran out of patience and opted to have my tr done here in florida by a local dr. I had my TR Oct. 2008. Well after ttc (trying to conceive) for a short 5 months my OB suggested I have hsg done. Well hsg revealed 2 blocked tubes. After getting this devistating news I called my very un-careing tr dr to explain the situation. He stated very nonshlantly "You need to schudule ivf with me".

Reversal in XXXXXXX, Texas of Delfina of Texas

Dr Levin, Hi, You did not do my reversal. A doctor in XXXXXXX, Tx did my reversal. I do have an open tube and they haven't done anything else for me. The doctor's name is Dr. XXXXX XXXXX. I tried going back after my miscarriage and they told me to buy an ovulation kit and come back to office so they could examine me but I live 2 hrs away and not able to go there at a moments notice due to my job. Also, my insurance doesn't cover any of the visits so everytime I go it's a $250.00 dollar whack in my pocketbook. When I did get pregnant the last time my gyn doc had checked my blood and I had progesterone level drop. He had given me suppositories to do. But I still lost it at 3 months. Thank you for your response, I just don't feel like any of my doctors really care if I'm pregnant or not, they don't know how important this was to me. Now, Ive just accepted that God doesn't want me to be pregnant or I would be by now.Thank you again, Delfina