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Time To Conceive


Your ability to conceive begins right away. While Dr. Levin does not recommend this approach, he has had patients who have conceived in the hospital after having intercourse the day after the reversal surgery. In fact, many patients conceive within the first month following the procedure. However, there is no rush; the tubes will not “grow closed” if you wait, they will remain open and viable. Many patients will elect to have this surgery prior to getting married and then wait a year or two before trying to conceive. Whether you attempt to conceive shortly after your surgery or decide to wait for years is your choice and should not impact the ability of your tubes to work. You should also keep in mind that once a successful reversal has been performed, you are fertile and conception could occur at any time. If you only want one child, you will need to use contraception after having the baby or have your tubes tied once again.

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