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The Surgery


The Tubal Ligation Reversal is performed as an outpatient surgery. This package includes two overnight stays at The Fairfield Inn & Suites at 100 E. Jefferson Street in Louisville, KY at no cost to the patient.

On the evening prior to your reversal procedure you should take a shower with an “antibacterial soap” obtained at your local pharmacy. You should also shave your pubic hair down to the top of the labial folds (split).

Then on the morning of the reversal, you will arrive at the hospital at the time you have been instructed aboard the hotel shuttle which you should schedule at the front desk of the hotel when you check in. The actual procedure will be scheduled approximately one hour after your arrival. You will register at the outpatient registration desk on the first floor of the Outpatient Care Center Building, where you will provide your contact information to one of the clerks. Next, according to hospital policy, you will have your blood drawn for a basic blood screen. A Jewish Hospital representative will then escort you to the preoperative holding area where you will change into a hospital gown. For those patients from outside the region, Dr. Levin will complete a physical examination and visit with you before your surgery. If he has previously conducted your physical exam, Dr. Levin will take some time to spend with you and answer any last minute questions you may have. A nurse will then ask you some basic health information, i.e. any allergies you may have. After this information is established, the Anesthesiologist will administer a minor sedative to help you relax. You will be transferred to the operating room where the anesthesia will be delivered through an IV that the nurse will start in your arm.

After you are asleep, Dr. Levin will make an incision on your belly. If you have a previous incision, he will usually use the one you already have to achieve the best aesthetic result. If you do not have any previous incisions, Dr. Levin will probably make a bikini cut incision, a horizontal incision about 3-4 inches in length, just above your pubic bone. With patients who are fairly overweight (or those who have had previous C-sections or tummy tucks), he may need to make the incision in the mid-line, just below the navel, down to the pubic bone in order to have enough room to give you the best chances of a successful procedure. At this point, the operating microscope will be positioned above you and Dr. Levin will begin the re-constructive procedure. The total operating time will last between 60-90 minutes, after which time you will be transported to the recovery room until you are fully awake.

After remaining in the care of the nurses in the recovery room for an hour or so, you will then be transferred either to your hospital room or your room at the Jewish Hospital Inn, depending on whether you have selected the inpatient or outpatient option. Most patients will be able to eat and drink within hours of the surgery, as well as, walk around with some assistance on the afternoon of the surgery. Whether at the hospital or the inn, Dr. Levin will visit with you the day after your procedure to check your progress. At this time, he will provide you with your post-operative instructions and information regarding when best to attempt conception.

Follow-up incision care may happen in one of two ways. For those who come from outside of the region, Dr. Levin will provide a telephone or email conversation once each week until the incision is totally healed. In very rare instances, if necessary, a patient may seek follow-up care for the incision from a hometown doctor, who Dr. Levin will guide through the process. For those of you who live within the region, you may choose to arrange an office visit several days after the surgery to check the incision. If you have any concerns regarding the surgery, please be prepared to ask Dr. Levin any of your questions during your consultation.