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Sperm Testing

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For all patients, it is crucial to have a Semen Analysis completed on their partner. This test allows Dr. Levin to evaluate his fertility status, in order to rule out any problems with male infertility that would inhibit conception.

Not all men are willing to do this test for a variety of personal and religious reasons. If your significant other does not wish to do this test, he can skip it, however we will require you to sign a release stating that this test has not be done and that you are aware of the fact that he might be infertility and that you may not be able to conceive after your tubal reversal.

If he is going to do a sperm count it is best to do so prior to scheduling the tubal reversal so that we know everything is satisfactory with him. Sperm counts collected within two weeks of your reversal may not even get reported to Dr. Levin so it is your responsibility to obtain it early enough for the count to be done, transmitted to Dr. Levin and then seen by Dr. Levin in a timely fashion.

Evaluation of male fertility status is accomplished by doing a semen analysis (sperm count). The collection method is as follows. Intercourse should take place on a given day. Three days later, approximately 72 hours, a specimen should be collected by masturbating directly into a sterile container provided by the Andrology Lab. No type of lubrication should be used. It is extremely important that the complete ejaculate is collected into the sterile container. If for any reason some of the specimen is lost, please inform a member of the staff.

For patients wanting to have a sperm count, Dr. Levin will mail an order for the semen analysis to you on the day of your phone consult is you let him know you want this performed. This way the test may be performed at a convenient location close to you. One of the easiest labs to find and use is Laboratory Corporation of America at their locator link to find a LabCorp location nearest to you.

If you cannot find a LabCorp facility near to you, then contact Quest Diagnostics at their locator link.

If neither of those labs have a facility near you, try calling your local hospital lab and ask them if they perform this test.