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AFFORDABLE PACKAGE PRICE: Everything You Need for Your Tubal Reversal

Dr. Levin offers an affordable, comprehensive package price for your tubal ligation reversal. The price includes everything you will need for your reversal. This package price is the discounted cash price and not the retail price.

Other doctors may advertise a lower price, but it probably doesn’t include everything you’ll need for your reversal. You may have to pay extra for your initial consult, pre-operative blood work, a facility fee, etc. After your reversal, if you have trouble getting pregnant, these doctors won’t be there to help. Dr. Levin knows that for most of you, having a baby is the goal. That’s why his program includes ongoing fertility care and early pregnancy monitoring.

  • Free, personal consultation with Dr. Levin
  • Surgeon's fee
  • Pre-operative blood work
  • Pre-operative nursing care
  • Operating room in hospital
  • Surgical team fees
  • Surgical supplies
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Recovery room in hospital
  • Post-operative and wound care by Dr. Levin
  • Two-day Hotel Stay (out-of-town patients)
  • Free ground transportation between airport, hotel and hospital
  • Free, ongoing fertility care if you’re having trouble getting pregnant
  • Free early pregnancy monitoring

Start your tubal reversal journey with a free, personal consultation with world-renowned tubal microsurgeon Dr. Richard Levin. During your phone or in-person appointment, Dr. Levin will review your medical history and operative note to determine if you’re a candidate for tubal reversal. You will also have a chance to ask Dr. Levin all of your questions and get an idea of your chances for success. To take advantage of your free consult, complete the first three steps on the Fast Track page.


One of the unique and important parts of the comprehensive TR package is the free, ongoing fertility care that Dr. Levin provides to his patients if they are having difficulty getting pregnant. Other TR doctors do not offer this after-care.

Dr. Levin knows that your ultimate goal may be to have another baby (or more than one!). That’s why, even after you conceive, Dr. Levin is available to monitor the early pregnancy, which is a particularly crucial moment in any pregnancy and one which even most OB doctors do not monitor with their patients. Dr. Levin’s tubal reversal package gives you the best chance at having a precious new baby.

Sadly, each week, Dr. Levin receives emails and calls from women who chose other doctors for their tubal reversal. They had their surgery performed by other doctors and yet their tubes are still blocked. As a consequence, these women cannot get pregnant after their tubal reversal and find that the doctor is not there to help. These doctors were only interested in performing the surgery; they were not interested in making sure their patients’ tubes were open or in helping them get pregnant.

Here are just a few of the FREE fertility services that Dr. Levin will provides if you need help getting pregnant after your tubal reversal:

  • Fertility consultations
  • Temperature Chart Monitoring
  • Tubal X-ray
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Early Pregnancy Monitoring

Choosing the right doctor for your tubal reversal is a very personal choice. It may also be one of the most important decisions you ever make when it comes to your family. So, take time to do your research. Find a doctor with lots of experience, find a tubal reversal package that includes everything you’ll need to be successful, and choose a doctor who will help you reach your ultimate goal of having a new baby.


As you may know, most health insurance companies will not cover a tubal ligation reversal. A tubal reversal is considered to be an elective procedure, like plastic surgery. If your insurance covers your tubal reversal, you will need to pay for the procedure and then seek reimbursement from your insurance. If your insurance will not cover a tubal reversal, please visit the finance page to learn about the options that are right for you.


From medical credit cards to federal tax refunds, there are many creative ways to pay for your tubal reversal. Visit the finance page for more ideas.


Read inspirational and relatable stories from Dr. Levin’s patients here. We also encourage you to visit the tubal reversal support group on Facebook where you can chat with Dr. Levin’s patients about their experience and read more inspiring success stories.

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