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Definition Of Second Surgery


£ Dr. Levin's package price will allow for a second reversal surgery under certain circumstances. First and foremost is whether or not a second procedure would be likely to work or not. This conclusion is something that only Dr. Levin can make based on where your tube is blocked, how much tube you have left on the affected side and the “shape” the tube is in. Dr. Levin is willing to discuss these issues with you and will try to bend over backwards to allow for such a procedure but he will not operate in a circumstance that is not likely to have a positive outcome. Also you may not qualify if you have one open tube.

Dr. Levin will not charge you his profession fee but the fees of other parties must be paid for by you and you will be informed as to the exact amount before scheduling the procedure.

If you have concerns about this matter then please speak directly to Dr. Levin about this issue.