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Definition Of Free Service


‡ Dr. Levin provides various infertility services to his tubal reversal patients for free after he has done their surgery. Most hospital, laboratory or X-ray procedures done by Dr. Levin will have a negotiated fee with the provider which is roughly 20% of the normal charge and that fee is to be paid for by the patient. Any fertility medications, other medications, laboratory tests or frozen sperm needed by a patient must be obtained by the patient from a pharmacy, laboratory, sperm bank or other facility if such needs arise and any costs involved for such is the full responsibility of the patient.

Services not performed by Dr. Levin are the full responisibility of the patient. There are perhaps other things not listed here that are not things that Dr. Levin will provide as a free services and you should ask about specific things that you wish to know about to find out if Dr. Levin will or will not cover such services. Please do not assume that Dr. Levin can or will cover anything and everything that you might want to have done. These services are provided by Dr. Levin to help you get pregnant and are done as a good will gesture and do not convey any monetary value to you as a patient.