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With more than 38 years of experience, and over 10,000 successful tubal reversals to his credit, Dr. Richard Levin is a pioneer in the field and one of the top tubal micro-surgeons in the world.

The support, personal attention and free follow-up care that Dr. Levin provides are some of the reasons his patients say that he is the only choice for your tubal reversal. Women travel from all over the United States and every corner of the globe to have their tubal reversal performed by Dr. Levin. Superior surgical technique, the highest quality equipment, a world-class hospital environment, very high success rates and an affordable package price -- make it easy to understand why so many women have chosen Dr. Levin for their tubal reversal.

Dr. Levin also created and developed the modern concept of Surrogate Parenting. In 1979, he performed the first legal case of surrogacy in the world. Since that landmark case, Dr. Levin and Surrogate Parenting Associates, Inc. (SPA) have helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of having a baby. SPA is directed by Pamela Levin and continues to be the premier surrogacy agency in North America, working with couples from around the world.

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