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FSH blood testing for tubal ligation reversal

With increase in a woman's age there is a decrease in her ability to conceive. That is to say, you are not as fertile as you were when you were 20-30 years old. For the most part, this decrease in fertility stems from the fact that fewer eggs remain and that the eggs that do remain are older. A woman is born with all of the eggs she will ever have. Men on the other hand make new sperm even as they age.

We have many women in their 40's who have had this surgery and successfully conceived and delivered a baby so this is clearly an option for you. Time does become critical in the 40's so please try to move ahead as quickly as possible by following the steps in www.babies-by-levin.com/fast_track.htm if you are serious about trying to have another baby.

My recommendation is that if you are 39-40 years of age or older then you should have your blood drawn for an FSH level (follicle stimulating hormone). This blood test should be drawn on the third day of your period. You can have this blood test done at a lab close to you by contacting either Laboratory Corporation of America at their locator link to find a LabCorp location nearest to you. If you cannot find a LabCorp facility near to you, then contact Quest Diagnostics at their locator link. If neither of those labs have a facility near you, try calling your local hospital lab and ask them if they perform this test.

Normally I will receive the results of this blood test within 7 days and I will let you know by e-mail whether the test is normal or not. This test is not a guarantee that you will actually get pregnant and have a baby but it is widely used throughout the United States as a measure of a woman's fertility for the subsequent 12 months. Again, let me stress that if you are serious about trying to have another baby and your age is 39 or over then you need to move ahead quickly as time is not on your side whether through a tubal ligation reversal or an IVF procedure.

You may enjoy reading a few of the testimonials written by women who had tubal ligation reversals performed by Dr. Levin in their 40's and delivered babies after that procedure.

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