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Take Back Your Fertility! Take Back Your Dream!

Our Fast_Track program has proved to be very popular with most patients. Fast_Track enables you to pay 50% of the fee to lock in your Tubal Reversal date and pay the other half two weeks prior to your procedure. That gives you extra time to continue saving the funds while still having a locked in date. Before you get caught up in thoughts of payment, you first need to qualify to be a candidate for the reversal by following the steps below. Steps #1-3 & #6 are mandatory while the other steps are optional. If you need questions answered about this program or with the steps below then email Linda at as she is the person who first receives your sterilization records, medical histories and other documents.

If you have not already done so then fill in the initial on-line contact form so we can be in touch with you. (Smartphone users go to mobile/feedback_reversal_mbl.html).

Fill in our personal data and medical history form. (Smartphone users go to mobile/medical_history_form_mbl.html).

Download the medical records release form to your desktop. Fill in all of the blanks and then print it. Sign and date the release and then mail it to the hospital/clinic where you had your sterilization performed. (Smartphone users please use a computer at the Free Public Library, at work, at a friends house or obtain a release form from the facility where you had your tubal performed.)

Women age 40 and above should consider having their blood drawn on cycle day 3 for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to check for “ovarian reserve”. This test correlates with the ability of your ovaries to make and pass eggs. Please contact Linda or Erin at for an order to do the FSH test. We will E-mail the results to you within 2-3 days after we receive the results.

Men should consider having a sperm count to make sure they are currently fertile. Many men will choose not to do this test because of embarrasement but it is a wise thing to do. The sperm count can be done at a lab near you. Please contact Linda or Erin at to get an order for the sperm count. We will E-mail the results to you within 2-3 days after we receive the results.

Listen to a few pre-recorded patient consultations. By listening to one or more of these you can avoid doing a telephone consultation with Dr. Levin. That said you are welcome to call our office at 502-584-7787 and schedule a telephone consultation if you have questions or concerns not already answered by the website and our staff. (Various payment options in these recording have changed. Payments on the morning of your reversal are no longer allowed so please make your last payment two weeks prior to your reversal date by wire transfer listed just below.)

Now you can now pay and schedule your reversal.

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