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Wound Infections: After any type of surgical procedure it is possible to get an infection at the site of the procedure. Most such infections are fairly easy to treat when addressed quickly, but can lead to more difficult antibiotic resistant bacteria if diagnosis and treatment are delayed. The most common signs of wound infection are redness of the skin surrounding the incision, firmness of the incision, heat emanating from the incision, pus coming out of the incision and/or fever.
Prompt diagnosis is the key to minimizing a wound infection. The first thing you should do if take your temperature with an oral digital thermometer to see if you have a fever. Then you should take a digital picture of the incision, both front view and side view, making sure the photos are in focus so that Dr. Levin can see just what's going on.
Then e-mail the photos as an "attachment" to an e-mail to Dr. Levin's e-mail address of: Dr. Levin will get back in touch with you as quickly as possible. That said, he is not always available instantly so if you think you are in immediate need of care then go to the Emergency Room immediately or call your family physician for prompt care and let Dr. Levin know what's going on once you return home.

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