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  1. At the end of each tubal reversal procedure, we dress the incision of most patients in the following fashion:
    1. Steristrips (small tape strips) are used to hold the skin edges together. If these strips stay on for a full week, you are more likely to have a prettier cosmetic appearance to your incision when it fully heals.
    2. The steristrips are then covered with a white Telfa pad.
    3. The incision, including the steristrips and Telfa pad, are then covered with a sheet of Tegiderm. Tegiderm looks like Saran Wrap that sticks to the underlying dressing and your skin.
    4. At the top of the Tegiderm we place a small square of Telfa to help you remove the Tegiderm and Telfa the first morning after surgery when you have taken your morning shower.
  2. During the first week after surgery you should cover the incision with plastic (such as a garbage bag or Saran wrap) only while you take a shower.
  3. After the shower, remove the plastic and allow the incision to air dry. You should not need to cover the incision with any type of dressing, as air drying is good for the healing process of the incision. You should not need to put any ointment, creams or other agents on the incision during this time.
  4. If the incision is leaking some blood or serous fluid (apple juice like fluid) then cover the incision with some gauze or even a feminine hygiene pad so that your clothing is not spoiled.
  5. As you try to look at your incision, DO NOT grab your belly and pull at the incision as some patients have pulled the incision OPEN. Once that happens it is often necessary for the incision to scar closed from the bottom upwards which will leave you with a less than attractive incision.
  6. If you have any questions about the appearance of your wound dressings or the incision itself, please look at some example incisions at the incision gallery.
  7. If you are concerned about how the incision looks such as it being overly red, swollen, leaking of blood, serous fluid or pus then let me know either by E-mail or call my office at the number below during normal office hours. If you have a digital camera, please feel free to E-mail me a few pictures of the incision from the front view and the side view to

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