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Please keep in mind that the pricing for the Tubal Reversal is based on your actual height and weight on the day of the procedure. Please see the weight chart. to check the pricing for your size. If you are above the height/weight/price range when the nurse measures and weighs you then you must have the addition funds with you. The additional funds must be paid in cash (in an envelope with your name written on it) and give it to Dr. Levin's surgical assistant. If you do not have the additional amount then the procedure will be cancelled and not rescheduled in the future.
Occasionally this has been a big problem with patients who had weighed themselves on a cheap home scale and then came for their procedure only to find that the weight was not accurate. Other women think they are a particular height but once measured find that they are shorter than they thought. These situations can have you presenting to surgery above the height/weight/price range. Please be careful not to be above the range you have paid for as we do not want to cancel your surgery but will have to do so if you do not have the additional funds.

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