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If you have been trying to conceive for over 12 months then it’s time to look at several things. You are welcome to arrange to do these tests here in Louisville and the cost should be much cheaper because I will not charge you at all to do them. You will only have a minimal charge to the hospital for their part in the third test. If you decide to come to Louisville for the tests, you will need to contact my office at 800-766-0304 to schedule them.
Keep in mind that people only have about a 15% chance of conceiving during any given month. Many normally fertile couples who have not had their tubes tied can also take 1-2 years before they conceive. So if you have not conceived by 12 months it does not mean that you won’t conceive. It might just mean that for whatever reason, you are slow at conceiving.

  1. If you did not choose to have a sperm count on your significant other prior to your tubal reversal, then it’s time to do this. Even though your husband does or does not have children, it’s important for us to rule out some problem with his sperm. Please go to to find out how to accomplish this task.
  2. One of the things that you can do that will really help me to help you is to plot your basal temperature every morning just before getting out of bed. (Details at: In order for me to be able to look at your temperature chart and respond to you in a timely fashion, please go to and download their software for about $30.00. Plot your temperature from the first day of one period until the first day of the next period (continue plotting using the same data file even thereafter until I tell you to stop). Once your period has started send me your temperaure data-file that ends with “.cwc”. Then on the first day of each and every period, resend me the same updated temperature chart in the same fashion. If you cannot temp using then you will have to do this through your local doctor instead as this is the only format that I currently support.
    Be patient and work through these steps. The use of this chart can be helpful to you by enabling me to know what’s going on with your ovulations, timing of sex and adequacy of your ovulation. is the ONLY charting I will support so please use this product.
    There are only 6 icons at the top of the program I want you to fill in.
  1. The blue thermometer “add BBT” is used to tick up the temperature.
  2. The blue thermometer “sub BBT” is used to tick down your temperature.
  3. Use the “Sex” icon to denote the days you have intercourse.
  4. Use the “Menses” icon to denote the days you actually bleed with your period.
  5. Use the “Spotting” icon to let me know the days you spot.
  6. Use the “LH pos” icon or the “LH neg” icon to let me know if your ovulation kit is positive or negative (if you are using such a kit). You do not need to use any of the other icons.
  1. Next, a Hysterosalpingogram should be done either here in Louisville, by your local Gynecologist or by the Radiologist at your local hospital. (Details of tubal X-ray at: In most cases your Gynecologist can order the test but if he/she will not do so then we can fax an order for this X-ray if you call my staff with the voice and fax number of the radiology facility where you want to have this performed.
  2. A “post-coital” test should be done either here in Louisville or by your local gynecologist, exactly 2 ½ hours after you have sex (on the day of your LH surge or the day thereafter using an OPK). (Details of PCT at: Timing is critical and it must be on one of these two days and must be done 2 ½ hours after you have sex. The doctor should try to look at 3-4 levels of mucous going up the birth canal and he/she should attempt to ascertain whether adequate numbers of sperm are getting into the uterus and that they are moving forward in a purposeful and proper fashion. This test is very subjective and is best done by someone who does them frequently in order to have a meaningful result.
Once I have the results of these tests, then I will decide what should be done. Trying a little of this and a little of that, prior to doing these things doesn’t make any sense so please don’t try to wiggle out of what needs to be done. Also, keep in mind that just because conception doesn’t occur within the first 12 months, it may well occur a bit later. I have lots of women who call me and tell me they’re pregnant at 18, 24 months and even longer.

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