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I am frequently asked questions related to not conceiving within a relatively short time span after the reversal surgery. Under normal circumstances human conception happens at the rate of only 15% per month (about one side of one dice). In just plain English, that means that the chances of any woman conceiving during any given month are only about one in seven (1:7).
Infertility doctors define the term “infertility” to mean that someone has tried to conceive for one year and has failed. Such a person may define the term “infertility” but that doesn’t mean they are sterile or that they will not conceive in the near future, it just means that it may be time to spend some time and money to evaluate the situation. Also, just because we look at the situation, doesn’t mean that things will happen any faster because as I said above, a woman still only has a 15% chance of conceiving per cycle. By looking at the situation, however, we may find that some piece of the reproductive system is not working correctly and we may be able to help that piece along with treatment.
If you have been trying to conceive for less than one year then that is a relatively short time since your surgery and therefore it’s too early to do too much. I’m not trying to be insensitive but I also don’t want you doing things that may actually waste your time and money. The only exception to this would be if you are very irregular with your periods and therefore perhaps not ovulating. If you have some reason to think you might be in that situation then let me know and I’ll tell you what needs to happen.
Keep in mind that just because conception doesn’t occur within the first 6 months, it may happen a bit later. I have lots of women who call me and tell me they’re pregnant at 12, 18, 24 months and even longer. Human conception occurs at the rate of one side of one dice per month . . . be patient.
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