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  1. FOOD/FLUID: After leaving the hospital and returning home/hotel, you can eat as your appetite dictates. That said, don't push it and try not to eat foods that are too heavy or spicy. I'm more concerned that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, especially water or Gatoraid.
  2. RESTROOM: For the first few days have someone help you to and from the bathroom as you might be somewhat dizzy from the anesthesia.
  3. WARNINGS: Do not operate any machinery, an automobile or sign any important papers for the first 48 hours because of the effects of the anesthesia.
  4. NO HEAVY LIFTING: Do not do any heavy lifting for up to 6 weeks from the day of surgery. The incision is considered completely healed at 6 weeks and you should be careful not to do anything too heavy until that time. Don't do any heavy house cleaning or carrying of packages. Let someone else in your family take care of such activities. If you have a light duty job you can return as soon as you feel up to it so long as you don't do anything that might strain or tear your incision. If you have a heavy job then you will not be able to return until 6 weeks unless your workplace can put you on light duty.
  5. DRIVING: Please do not drive a car yourself until 10-14 days following surgery. You should not drive until the soreness has subsided sufficiently that you would be able to hit the brake hard enough to stop the car in the case of an emergency situation. If you return to work before this time-frame, have someone else drive you there.
  6. INCISION - FIRST WEEK: During the first week after surgery cover the incision with plastic (such as a garbage bag or Saran wrap) just while you shower. After the shower, remove the plastic and allow the incision to air dry. You should not need to cover the incision with any type of dressing as air drying is good for the healing process of the incision. If the incision is leaking some blood or serous fluid (apple juice like fluid) then cover the incision with some gauze or even a feminine hygiene pad so that your clothing is not spoiled. If you are concerned about how the incision looks such as it being overly red, swollen, leaking of blood, serous fluid or pus then let me know either by E-mail or call my office at the number below during normal office hours. If you have a digital camera, please feel free to E-mail me a few pictures of the incision from the front view and the side view to
  7. INCISION - PULLING ON IT: As you try to look at your incision, DO NOT grab your belly and pull at the incision as some patients have pulled the incision OPEN. Once that happens it is often necessary for the incision to scar closed from the bottom upwards which will leave you with a less than attractive incision.
  8. INCISION - REMOVING STERI-STRIPS: Keep the steri-strips on until one week from the day of surgery and at that time get into a warm bath tub with the water over the incision and soak the strips off. You do not have ANY stitches that need to be removed and you should not need to see your doctor for this purpose.
  9. INCISION - REMOVING STAPLES: If your incision has staples they need to be removed by your family doctor, gynecologist or an Immediate Care Center close to you. This should be done 10 days from the day of your surgery and a steri-strip should be placed just after 2 stapes are removed. Do not allow all of the staples to be removed before putting on the steri-strips as the skin could split open (leaving you with a less that cosmetic repair). After the strips have been on for 7 days then follow step #8 above.
  10. FEVER: If you have a fever of 100.4 on two consecutive 6 hour occasions, then contact me so I can tell you what to do about it. To help avoid a fever it is important to make a deep cough and fully inflate your lungs ever 15 minutes or so for the first several days after surgery. You may want to put a pillow on your tummy and hold it firmly when you do the coughing to lessen the discomfort. This is an important thing to do in order to avoid the possibility of developing pneumonia.
  11. BLEEDING: If you bleed vaginally after the surgery do not be concerned. It's pretty common for the stress of anesthesia and surgery to cause a woman to come on early just and it's common for the period to come late or even skip a cycle. If you think you might be pregnant however then let me know asap!
  12. PAIN PILLS: Please take the narcotic pain pills that I provided you as little as possible as it will cause you to be constipated, retain gas and therefore have gas pains, and make you feel strange. It is best to take some Motrin, Aleave or Advil somewhat regularly for the first several days following surgery to help with the discomfort. By doing this, you may not need any of the narcotic pain pills. Once you are all healed and no longer need the narcotic pain pills, please flush them down the toilet so that your children don't accidentally get into them.
  13. TRYING TO CONCEIVE: You can start trying to conceive whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so. There is no rush in starting to try, but you may do so whenever you wish. If I specifically told you or your husband to avoid sex for a certain number of weeks then please pay attention to this as I must think that your tubes are at some risk of breaking apart. This is important and please don't try to second guess me.
  14. TROUBLE CONCEIVING: If you don't conceive after try for 7-8 months then please contact me by E-mail so I can give some advice on how best to proceed. I know you want to conceive quickly but please keep in mind that people only have about a 15% chance of conceiving during any cycle so it can take awhile. Relax and try to enjoy your renewed fertile state and the ability to try to conceive!
  15. POSITIVE PREGNANCY: If you do conceive, please let me know right away so I can order the appropriate blood work to monitor the health of the pregnancy and to make sure the pregnancy is in the uterus and not in the tube. I really want to be the one to order and follow this blood work for the first several weeks. You should be sure to engage the services of an OB/GYN doctor but I would like to make sure the tests are done on a set schedule and that a trans-vaginal ultrasound is done at approximately 4-5 weeks of gestation.
  16. WEEKLY UPDATES: Please send me an E-mail once each week letting me know how you are doing. Once the incision is completely healed you can stop sending these E-mails.
  17. HOW TO CONTACT DR. LEVIN:  From this point on please do not fill in the online form on my website unless your address, phone numbers or e-mail address changes. Use the e-mail address and always end your e-mails with your first and last name so I know who is writing. Also include your phone contact information just in case I want to call you.

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