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Incision Infection: Infection in the incision is always a possibility after any type of surgery. That said, with elective tubal surgery it is not the norm. Sometime the incision will leak some fluid. It can be red (blood), serosanguinous (blood mixed with serum-the liquid fraction of the blood) or thicker yellowish material that sort of looks like tapioca (pus). The first two types of fluids are not unusual because the pubic bone area is highly vascular and the blood vessels can leak after surgery. Generally these types of problems will somewhat take care of themselve by draining to the surface of your skin and then healing on there own.
If however you have the tapioca type of fluid then it is more important for you to notify me as soon as possible. Usually this will be accompanied by redness of the skin, warmness of the skin and/or fever of 100.4 or greater. This situation needs immediate care and you should see your local gynecologist right away or go to an immediate care center for diagnosis and treatment.

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