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Q) How long do the steri-strips (small white bandaids) stay on the incision after surgery?
(A) The steri-strips remain on for ONE full week after surgery.

(Q) How do I remove the steri-strips?
(A) Draw a warm bath free of any soap, bubbles, etc. Soak in the bath for a while. The water will start to break down the adhesive on the strips so they can be removed. You can help remove the strips by very gently pulling them away from your skin. Do NOT tug on them as this could hurt the incision.

(Q) Why can't I drive for two weeks after surgery?
(A) This is very important!! Should you need to stop your vehicle abruptly by slamming on the brake, this can damage your tubes and your incision. This is for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road so give your body time to heal. Don't risk your life, someone elses life or your tubes!

(Q) What will happen if I have intercourse before the time recommended to me by Dr. Levin?
(A) The act of intercourse moves your uterus, tubes and ovaries up and down in a somewhat violent manner. This strain on the tubes CAN cause some of them to rip apart especially if there was a "tug" to get them together in the first place. This restriction is very important for those that Dr. Levin indicates to delay intercourse so please DON'T chance it!!!

(Q) I'm having a question about my incision and Dr. Levin's office is closed. What should I do now?
(A) You can send a digital picture of your incision attached to an e-mail to Dr Levin at He checks his e-mail often and will respond to the e-mail you send from and/or to the phone number you leave in the e-mail. If you have a major concern regarding your incision then go to your local emergency room to be treated.

(Q) Will my period come on time after the surgery?
(A) Almost anything can happen. The period can come on time, early, late or even skip a month. Normally I am not concerned about the period for the first two months unless you think you might be pregnant and then you should let me know so I can order a blood pregnancy test.

(Q) Is it OK to use a tampon after the surgery?
(A) I would recommend not using a tampon for the first 30 days after the surgery. Thereafter you can do so.

(Q) I have a lump or ridge above my incision. Is that normal?
(A) Some women will get this ridge above the incision from us retracting your belly wall upward so that we can see your uterus and tubes during the reversal procedure. It will usualy be gone within 4-6 weeks. Some hot soaks in the bathtub can help it to dissipate more quickly.


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