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Pregnant and bleeding: If you know you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, it is very important to document the pregnancy quickly and subsequently to make sure the pregnancy is within the cavity of the uterus and NOT in the fallopian tube (ectopic). The first thing you should do to help figure this out is to do a home pregnancy test (make sure the urine for the test is not contaminated with blood as that can cause a false positive test).
If the home pregnancy test is positive then contact Dr. Levin during his regular office hours so that he can fax an order for weekly HCG levels and Progesterone levels.
If the home pregnancy test is negative but you still have some reason to suspect you might be pregnant then contact Dr. Levin during regular office hours with the fax number of a lab near you and we will order a much more sensative “blood pregnancy test”. To help you find an appropriate lab try Laboratory Corporation of America at their locator link or Quest Diagnostics at their locator link.
If you are pregnant and having any type of bleeding problems (especially if associated with pelvic pain) then call 911 or go immediately to the Emergency Room at the hospital! Be sure to contact Dr. Levin once you return home by e-mail at so that he knows what's going on. If you have any problems or issues during your pregnancy, do not hesitate to call Dr. Levin's office during normal working hours.

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