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Let's begin by defining a menstrual cycle. A menstrual cycle begins with the first day of normal flow (not spotting) and continues all month long until the day prior to the next bleed. Therefore a normal 28 day cycle includes the period (maybe 3-7 days) and all of the non-bleeding days prior to the next period.
So when does a woman ovulate? Normally it is 14 days prior to the NEXT period. Well there is no way to know when the next period will happen so we must calculate based on your track record. Let's do the math on a woman who has a 28 to 32 days range for her menstrual cycles. Such a woman will ovulate somewhere between cycle day (CD) 14 to 18.
There are two different methods you can use to try to hit the right time to conceive:
  1. You can have intercourse every other day starting one day prior to the earliest CD that you might ovulate and go to one day past the last day you might ovulate. In this example that would be CD 13-15-17-19. That should pretty much cover the various days you might ovulate.

  3. You can use an over-the-counter ovulation predictor kit such as Clear Plan, Clear Blue Easy or Ovustick just to name a few. These kits can be found at most drugstores or at Walmart. Pee on the test stick according to the kit's instructions starting one day prior to the earliest CD that you might ovulate and continue daily until the test is positive. Once positive, have intercourse once that day and then again the very next day. That should pretty much cover the ovulation period.
Tip: You should not have intercourse more that every other day as the effective sperm count could become so low that pregnancy might not occur. I cannot over emphasize this point! For those men who have relatively lower counts it would be smart to avoid sex for 4-5 days prior to the kit turning positive (or the earliest CD you might ovulate) to help build the effective count.

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