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You will receive orders in the mail which you will need to bring with you to your reversal procedure. In those orders is a note telling you to call our office at 502-584-7787 or 800-766-0304 to find out when you need to be over at the hospital to sign in at "Registration". The note tells you to call 2 work days prior to your reversal procedure, no sooner as we will not know before then.
Please do this as there is NO ability for you to call the morning of surgery as our office does not open until 9:00 AM.
Also keep in mind that certain days are holidays and our office may be closed on such days that most of the rest of the country would also be closed.
If per chance you fail to do this, then show up and "Registration" at the OutPatient Care Center at 6:30 AM and you can sit and wait until your time comes. This is not an efficient way for you to do this so please call our office 2 work days prior to your procedure.

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