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"Director, Kimberly Levin, has crafted a gem without fluff in her remarkable debut film of 19 minutes." - Maryna Ajaja, Programmer, Seattle International Film Festival

"Between Baronovskys is a lyrical, thoughtful film about emotional ties that, though easily taken for granted, prop us up when other supports fall away." - Kirven Blount, Contributing Reviewer for Entertainment Weekly

Between Baronovskys, the award winning short, was honored to have its World Premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival - a top five festival, as well as the largest and most widely attended in North America. We were also excited for the film to help kick off Gen Art's new multimedia festival IGNITE in Chicago. Taking honors at the Ojai Film Festival, Between Baronovskys enjoyed making its California premiere at this "world-class showcase" just outside of Hollywood. Upcoming festivals include, Cinequest Viewer's Voice Film Festival which is an online component of this top ten festival. Vote for Between Baronovskys in this online competition from February 1 - 28. Click festivals for details and to register now. Finally, we are pleased that Between Baronovskys will return to Seattle, appearing in the Post Alley Film Festival, sponsored by Women In Film. Check back for more listings of festivals where Between Baronovskys will be playing.


Is Helen crazy or is she just driving her sister, Dot, insane? Only a year since her husband, Sonny’s death and this seventy-something year old, Southern Jewess has already wrecked her Camaro and been to jail numerous times. She has nothing to lose. There is something wrong with Helen; Dot doesn’t want to know. But after Helen bathes half nude in a public fountain, Dot has to make a decision: take her sister in or have her committed.


Peggy Cowles (The All American Boy, Fugitive Love, Expiration Date), Adale O’Brien (Paper Cut, How You Look to Me) and Bob Burrus (Tully) star in Between Baronovskys, which will be sent to compete at National and International Festival Competition. Featured extras include Miss America 2000, Heather French Henry and Justin Hagan (Party Monster, Flowers, Prairie Dogs).




The exteriors of the film were shot in the quaint, sleepy river town of Madison, Indiana. In lieu of a huge budget to build an elaborate set, Madison provided the perfect backdrop in creating a world for this story. Madison was also the setting for the James Dean/ Frank Sinatra film, Some Came Running. The interiors were filmed in the director’s hometown, Louisville, and the small town of Cave City, Kentucky.


Between Baronovskys was shot on digital video in the 24p Advanced setting. Running time is approximately 19 minutes. The film had its World Premiere at the 2005 Seattle International Film Festival. We were pleased to be included in the first Shorts Program, helping to kick off the festival.