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Richard M. Levin, MD., PSC. | Phone: 800-766-0304 or 502-584-7787 | Fax: 502-589-3842 | infertility@babies-by-levin.com

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The information below shows what Dr. Richard Levin's Tubal Ligation Reversal package provides. Dr. Levin performed his first Microscopic Tubal Ligation Reversal in 1976 and has helped thousands of couples fulfill their dreams of expanding the size of their family! He performs these procedures at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY which is consistently named as one of Newsweek Magazines Top 50 USA Hospitals. Dr. Levin's combined specialized training from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Yale Medical School, Harvard Medical School and the University of Louisville School of Medicine has helped to make him such a blessing for couples trying to enlarge their families.This is truly a win/win situation!

Included Service Dr. Levin
Surgery occurs in Full Service Hospital
If operative complication occurs Stay where you are
Anesthesia Doctor & Medications check
Operating & Recovery Room check
State of Art Microscope for Success check
Free take home medications check
Free 2 Day Hotel Stay check
Free Preop Blood Work check
Post-op Hotel Rounds by Doctor check
Free airport ground transportation check
Free Infertility followup check
No fee tubal X-ray‡ check
No fee 2nd Reversal if needed ‡ check
Free 1st Trimester Pregnancy followup check
Free Artificial Insemination if needed check
No fee treatment with fertility pills ‡ check
Free On-going Doctor phone calls check
Multiple - Perfect Surgery Days check

We give more . . .
. . . so you get more!

A doctor closer to you
A doctor who is cheaper
May not give what you want.


We won't leave you hanging.

‡ Non-(www.babies-by-levin.com) fees may apply.

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